An easy peasy Father's Day DIY

Here's a simple, no fuss DIY for restyling a dated necktie into a funky bow tie. It's the perfect gift for all the hip Dads out there!

First you'll need to find a necktie. I scored this one from my local Salvation Army Thrift Store for $5.

Place the necktie on a flat surface with the front facing down.

Pull the bottom of the necktie through the label or if you have one the keeper loop.

After you've pulled the bottom through the keeper loop then fold the other end of the tie over.

Fold the tie 2 more times layering the fabric ensuring the folds align with each other.

Take the top piece and pinch the middle part then fold the fabric in half lengthwise. Now wrap this piece around the middle of the fabric.

After you've wrapped the fabric then take the end and place it over then under the loop you created in the previous step. This will ensure the fabric will stay in place without any sewing.

Tighten the fabric to complete the bow tie. At this time you can pinch the sides to create folds in the fabric.

Your bow tie is complete!

Now you can use the end of the tie to wrap around your neck then loop it through the knot you just created. This will be the strap for your bow tie.

And tada - that's it! Here's to a very happy Father's Day for all the kewl Dads out there!


My latest Creative Expert features for SA Thrift Stores

After a long hiatus I'm hoping to be back updating my blog, posting to Instagram and getting super duper crafty with my local peeps.

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