Rivers Day Event with CNV

Last month the City of North Vancouver asked me to be part of their Rivers Day event at Lynnmouth Park. It was an afternoon of planting with tons of games, community displays, music and of course upcycling.

This dog was very suspicious of me and my crafty mojo.

And of course Tom from Urban Repurpose was there to spread the repurposing love.

Shideh from the North Vancouver City Library rode Spokes 'N' Words to the event. Spokes 'N' Words is a tricycle with a cabinet on the rear where users are able to check-in and check-out library books and materials, get a library card, participate in storytimes, and receive information about library programs and services.

Here's the team of volunteers who planted 1,000 native plants. Wow!

I was there to craft with volunteers... We made plantable DIY paper out of old newspapers and scrap paper.

I didn't have too many participants pop by but the ones who did were very happy crafters.

We used cookie cutters to make shapes then added seeds.

The event also included ceremonial tree planting... The kids were very happy to dig, get dirty then help plant the tree.

It was nice to reconnect with old coworkers from the City of North Vancouver!

This is how much was planted in the afternoon. Amazing!

Thanks for including me in the event Angela! And thanks to all my fellow community builders and paper makers... We made magic happen!


NVCL's 10 Year Anniversary Crafternoon

Last month I partnered with the North Vancouver City Library to help celebrate their 10 year anniversary. We refashioned paper clips into funky pirate themed bookmarks.

I started by making samples using supplies I had on hand - buttons, magnetic letters, etc.

I made this basic bookmark using duct tape and a paperclip.

The workshop was meant to incorporate the overall pirate theme of the anniversary celebration but of course we had unicorns and more pop up in our projects.

It got a bit messy with the felts. This guy covered his hands using all of the Sharpie colours we had on hand.

We had artists of all ages making awesomeness like this cutie.

These two gave their best impersonation of pirates.

We had pirate themed art...

Not sure what this is... I think it's a fridge magnet using magnetic letters.

We had paperclip projects in the works...

Tada! So many awesome art projects...

The sheets of adhesive glitter are always a hit!

DIY button box by one of my craft superstars.

Lots of paperclip bookmark projects...

We even upcycled the staple boxes - everything has potential in the upcycling workshops!

Jose, our renegade crafter, made this sword and shield. He's always making magic happen in the Crafternoons.

And that's it - we had a ton of fun and made crafty goodness happen out of repurposed junk.

Big thanks as always to the North Vancouver City Library for hosting and to Urban Repurpose for donating supplies.


September is filled with tons of craftiness

Yay for Crafternoons! It's been awhile since I've crafted with my peeps. I have 4 workshops this month with 3 awesome partners-in-craft: North Vancouver City Library, City of North Vancouver and North Vancouver Recreation & Culture.

Find me at any or all of the following free Crafternoons:
  • NVCL's 10 Year Anniversary Crafternoon
    I'm partnering with the North Vancouver City Library on Saturday, September 15th to help celebrate their 10 year anniversary.
  • Rivers Day Event
    I'm crafting with the City of North Vancouver for an upcycling booth as part of Rivers Day on Sunday, September 23rd from 12pm to 4pm.
  • Culture Days Crafternoon
    I'm crafting with North Vancouver Recreation & Culture for two upcycling workshops as part of Culture Days on Saturday, September 29th from 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 4pm.
Visit my TBD website for all of my upcoming upcycling workshops.


5 ways thrifting can be inspiring

Here's a recent post I wrote for the Salvation Army Thrift Store blog for National Thrift Shop Day. Enjoy!

How best to celebrate National Thrift Shop Day than to drop by your local Salvation Army Thrift Store to shop and/or donate items. For me, thrifting is fun and a great way to save money, reuse instead of buying new and to express my personal style. What do you find inspiring about buying secondhand?

Here are my 5 ways thrifting can be inspiring...

1. It's earth-friendly
Instead of buying new, scour your local Salvation Army Thrift Store for those one-of-a-kind pieces to add to your wardrobe. Or donate those items that you've outlived. Both are great ways to be earth friendly. Less stuff and rethinking what we have, want or need is a win-win.

2. Name brands for no name prices
You can always find name brand clothing or shoes at your local Salvation Army Thrift Store. Also high end home decor and furniture. There is nothing better than name brand finds for no name prices.

3. Refresh your look on a budget
I love switching up my wardrobe and being a bit adventurous in how I look. And you can do this on a budget easily. A funky dress for $10, a pair of dress shoes for $7 and even a blazer or jacket for $25. You can definitely create a new look on a shoestring investment.

4. Give back
The only way you'll keep finding kewl scores is if you donate quality items. It feels good to give back and know someone else will feel the thrill of the find because of what you donated.

5. Share your successes
I'm a big believer in getting the word out about thrifting - share your best scores and inspire your friends to join you on your thrifting adventures. The more the merrier! It's fun getting a gang together who enjoy the thrill of the hunt as much as you do.

That's my list - what about you? What do you love about thrifting? And how does thrifting inspire you?