Latest DIY with SA Thrift - a cutlery wind chime

It's been awhile since I've posted and so much is going on. Here's my latest DIY for the Salvation Army Thrift Store blog - a cutlery wind chime. This is a super easy project and very low budget.

All you need is some random cutlery from your local thrift store...

Plus anything that could be used for hanging the cutlery from. I picked this up at the thrift store as well and it was perfect!

Supplies for the DIY include cutlery, galvanized wire, a makeshift hanger, fishing wire, beads and a chain or rope.

The wire is for wrapping around the cutlery to create hooks for the fishing wire.

The beads are for adding some sparkle and magic to your wind chime.

Find the full DIY at Garden DIY: How to make a cutlery wind chime. Stay tuned for more Creative Expert DIYs, tips and tricks, etc.