Join the North Vancouver Thingery!

North Vancouver is getting their very own Thingery! Sign up to be a member of this awesome initiative. I'm signing up! I'm also part of the working group helping bring this lending library of things to the heart of lower Lonsdale.

What is a Thingery?

    A Thingery is a community owned lending library of things in a modified shipping container. The containers are self-service, so members can check things in and out at their convenience. A Thingery's inventory is community sourced; meaning that what goes into the container depends on what neighbours donate to it and what they collectively purchase. Potential inventory types include: recreation equipment, kids toys, woodworking tools, event and entertainment equipment, household appliances and musical instruments.

The mission of The Thingery is to support the development and ongoing operations of neighbourhood Thingeries.

Their vision is that every community, no matter its size, has access to a Thingery that provides its members with the equipment they need to pursue their passions.

Why Become a Member?
  1. Access to great equipment
    When you join a Thingery you will get access to hundreds of pieces of equipment including recreation equipment, power tools, event and entertainment equipment and more. No need to worry about maintaining them either, we take care of that too.
  2. Save money
    By joining a Thingery you get access to the all the equipment you need for a fraction of the cost of what it would be to purchase or rent.
  3. Lower your ecological footprint
    A large percentage of each Thingery's inventory will be donated by local community members. By using a Thingery you lower your ecological footprint through extending the life of existing materials and also preventing the manufacturing of new equipment.
  4. It's a co-op
    Each Thingery is a non-profit co-operative. That means as a member, you're also an owner. You have a say in how it's run and the equipment it carries.
Join today! A Thingery membership is only $64.50 (regular $79) and includes a co-operative membership (for life!) at $50 and the annual maintenance fee of $14.50/year (regularly $29/year). What a steal of a deal!

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