A couple of crafty dates with NVRC

Last week I had a couple of awesome crafty dates with North Vancouver Recreation and Culture (NVRC). I love working with NVRC!

First I crafted at Lynn Valley Village and then crafted in Civic Plaza. Each project was about making some sort of musical instrument out of repurposed materials. Each night was pretty busy and the kids were super stoked about getting crafty. Just like this cutie patootie who really got into it and made 3 paper plate shakers.

Sample 1 was an upcycled cardboard rainbow cymbal... I added bells as the noise maker. We offered this craft as well as the option to make paper plate shakers using dried beans.

Sample 2 was restyling wooden dowels into magical noise makers. I used a screw-in eyelet for the bells then wrapped the dowels in pipe cleaners and added some ribbon.

Thankfully I had some wire hanging around to tie up the bells.

I'll be crafting with NVRC again later this month. Hope to see you there! Join me Wednesday, July 25th from 6pm to 8pm in Lynn Valley Village.

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