Earth Day Crafternoon awesomeness with Urban Repurpose

A couple of weeks ago was my inaugural Crafting with Crap event. Yay! And it was with my awesome peeps at Urban Repurpose. Love those guys! Here we are getting set up with my super duper helper Susan.

Mark from Urban Repurpose helped gather kewl stuff to use as decoration for our reclaimed wood planters. Look at the spread!

So many nifty things to choose from!

We even had some flowers and succulents available. I brought a couple of new succulents and a few from my own stash to share. We were set!

Here's one of the planters in progress... What a great face!

Another project in progress...

I loved seeing how different the projects were!

We had a bunch of happy upcyclers and reusers.

My friend Heather - I used to craft with Heather and her daughter a few years back.

Here are Heather's projects. She made a reclaimed wood planter and an upcycled metal bed spring planter.

Works in progress...

Here's Susan's planter...

A couple of our participants sharing their projects.

This trio was so much fun!

This guy turned his planter into a birdhouse. Pretty darn awesome!

Big thanks to everyone who joined us for our Crafting with Crap / Urban Repurpose Earth Day Crafternoon. So much gratitude to Mark, Tom and the other peeps from Urban Repurpose. You guys are da bomb!

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