Partnering with Lupii Cafe for my inaugural CwC Crafternoon

Yahoo! I have my very first Crafting with Crap Crafternoon lined up! And it's with a pretty FAB partner - Lupii Cafe. Lupii Cafe is a community focused, zero-waste space, dedicated to environmental and social sustainability in Vancouver Canada. It’s one kewl and happening community space!

Hope you'll join us May 5th from 12pm to 2pm for a Mother's Day Crafternoon at Lupii Cafe. We’re restyling glass jars into reusable packaging and filling them with DIY bath salts. Stay tuned for RSVP details!

And stay tuned for more CwC news and happenings. I have another partner in 'crapting' lined up! Super stoked to make CwC magic happen this year!

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