Getting ready prepping for my Family Day Crafternoons

Yay for Crafternoons! First up is my Valentine Day's upcycling workshop with North Vancouver City Library then I have two Family Day events with North Vancouver Recreation & Culture. I'm in super duper prep mode.

The Family Day workshop is called Crafting Memories so I'm creating memory frames out of popsicle sticks and cereal boxes. I might even attempt a DIY using wooden dowels. We'll see!

Here's my first attempt. I decorated big popsicle sticks with paper and duct tape then added some decorative buttons.

Sample #2 is a stand up popsicle stick frame.

Popsicle stick frames are pretty kewl!

I then tried upcycling cereal box cardboard into sample #3. Cardboard, duct tape and buttons made this doozy.

And if you come to the workshop I'll be crafting beside my new BFF Helen. She'll be showing people how to make art out of felted wool. And if you really like you're final project then we can craft a frame for it. Yay!

Next up I need to figure out what we're making at my Valentine's Day Crafternoon with North Vancouver City Library. So great to be in craft mode... And super stoked to see my crafty peeps. It's been too long!

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