My new venture Crafting with Crap has launched

Well it's official... Yahoo! After fixing some issues I was having with my WordPress theme (Divi which is super duper awesome!), I've launched Crafting with Crap. This side adventure has been 2 years in the making. Ever since I taught my night class at Quest University Canada called Crafting with Crap, I have been stewing on seeing what I could do with the name. So here it goes! I'm ready to add another gig to my arsenal of upcycling awesomeness.

The development of CwC started with creating the brand. First I worked on some ideas for the logo scouring the web for kewl fonts. With some help from my coworker Randy, this is my CwC logo. I love it!

Then over Xmas I worked on the interface design, content and figuring out WordPress - specifically the Divi theme. I had some battles, found some quirks but today I got 'er done. Next up is making sure it looks groovy on tablets and phones. No rest for the wicked!

Once I've finished tweeking Crafting with Crap then I'll get back to my draft biz card design. I've decided to design the biz cards based on my personal site. It's really the main brand with Thrifty by Design and Crafting with Crap falling under it. I'm loving my digital design adventures... I forgot how much fun it is to have an idea, put it together then launch it. Yahoo!

Phew! So happy to be able to share CwC... It's gonna be interesting!

Hope everyone is feeling excited for 2018. I know I am! So many FAB things have already happened that I can't imagine what more is going to come about this year. Whatever it is - I'm ready!

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