Super fun Crafternoons are coming this February!

Yay! I have 3 upcycling workshops in February! Here's the rundown:
  • Valentine's Day Crafternoon
    I'm partnering with the North Vancouver City Library on Saturday, February 10th from 1:30pm to 3:30pm.

  • Family Day Crafternoons
    I'm hosting two upcycling workshops for Family Day in partnership with North Vancouver Recreation & Culture on Monday, February 12th from 10am to 12pm and 1pm to 3pm.

Hope to see you at one of my free upcycling workshops!


A sneak peak at my Creative Expert feature

Yay! My 'get to know me' feature for the Salvation Army Thrift Store is getting done! I built a mini webpage to accompany my Creative Expert videos this weekend - webpage is done, videos have been sent... Stay tuned for details! Here's a teeny tiny sneak peak.

Big thanks to my awesome peeps at Salvation Army Thrift Store. You guys rock!


My new venture Crafting with Crap has launched

Well it's official... Yahoo! After fixing some issues I was having with my WordPress theme (Divi which is super duper awesome!), I've launched Crafting with Crap. This side adventure has been 2 years in the making. Ever since I taught my night class at Quest University Canada called Crafting with Crap, I have been stewing on seeing what I could do with the name. So here it goes! I'm ready to add another gig to my arsenal of upcycling awesomeness.

The development of CwC started with creating the brand. First I worked on some ideas for the logo scouring the web for kewl fonts. With some help from my coworker Randy, this is my CwC logo. I love it!

Then over Xmas I worked on the interface design, content and figuring out WordPress - specifically the Divi theme. I had some battles, found some quirks but today I got 'er done. Next up is making sure it looks groovy on tablets and phones. No rest for the wicked!

Once I've finished tweeking Crafting with Crap then I'll get back to my draft biz card design. I've decided to design the biz cards based on my personal site. It's really the main brand with Thrifty by Design and Crafting with Crap falling under it. I'm loving my digital design adventures... I forgot how much fun it is to have an idea, put it together then launch it. Yahoo!

Phew! So happy to be able to share CwC... It's gonna be interesting!

Hope everyone is feeling excited for 2018. I know I am! So many FAB things have already happened that I can't imagine what more is going to come about this year. Whatever it is - I'm ready!


Top 10 highlights of 2017

2017 was quite the year! Not the best but not the worst. It seemed more work than other years even though some amazing things happened. I'm super excited for 2018 as it's already started off with a bang! More on that later but for now here are my top 10 highlights of 2017:

1. Launching the redesign of my personal website
I've been planning to revisit my personal website and give it a major refresh for awhile. It's not always easy finding the time to design and build a website but this year was the year to make it more 'me'. I sourced some funky fonts, came up with a tagline then got to designing and building.

Getting into that digital design headspace can be super fun once you know you've got the right vision for your site. I'm pretty darn happy with what I came up with. Early this year I'll be designing and printing new biz cards highlighting my arsenal of awesomeness (my personal website, Thrifty By Design and Crafting with Crap which is launching this month). Big time yay!

Find my personal website at www.denisecorcoran.com.

2. Hitting some big milestones with TBD
Back in April, I was updating my Thrifty by Design website and CV and it turns out there was tons to add... Upcoming Crafternoons, recent interviews plus miscellaneous info here and there.

Since my first Crafternoon in September of 2012, the following has happened:
  • I've facilitated 80+ Crafternoons throughout Vancouver;
  • Crafted with over 1000 peeps;
  • Authored 1 crafty book;
  • Had numerous interviews and spoken at a few events;
  • Taught 1 Crafting with Crap night class;
  • With more to come!
Still can't believe how much has come about from my upcycling adventures. Let's see what 2018 brings!

3. My love affair with Neighbourhood Small Grants
My love affair with Vancouver Foundation and Neighbourhood Small Grants continues. This year I received my 5th grant, attended my 3rd NSG Summit and sat on the Resident Advisory Committee for a 3rd time. I am a big time groupie of these guys and all the awesomeness they help create. I'm so grateful for their support of my upcycling, community building adventures.

4. Convocation and my CCB Citation
This year I convocated. So kewl! I received my Community Capacity Building Citation along with my fellow kick butt classmates. Another reason to love my job at Capilano University - free courses! It's so great to be able to keep learning and developing new skills. I'm a big believer in adding more to your arsenal of awesomeness!

5. Urban Repurpose Open House
Urban Repurpose is the upcycling, repurposing, reusing hot spot of North Vancouver. Tom is doing great things! I loved being part of Urban Repurpose's inaugural open house along with a few other kewl kids. I got to hang out with a group of pretty awesome makers, repairers and upcyclers. Stay tuned for more FAB happenings at Urban Repurpose!

6. Salvation Army Thrift Store's new Creative Expert
Another big highlight is being one of the Salvation Army Thrift Store's Creative Experts. I started on an initial 3 month contract then it was extended for 4 more months. These guys are so great to work with! Sharing my upcycling DIYs using items found in your local thrift store is pretty darn fabulous.

Find my profile on their blog.

7. A new junk to funk adventure - Crafting with Crap
A couple of years ago when Quest University Canada asked me to teach a night class about upcycling they needed a name for the course... That's when Crafting with Crap was born. Since then I've been dying to build a dedicated web presence and see where I can take it. 2017 was the start of this new venture. January 2018 is when it'll launch. Stay tuned!

8. Had my biggest Crafternoon yet
This year's Halloween Crafternoon at the North Vancouver City Library hit an attendance record - we had 80+ participants show up to repurpose cardboard boxes. Talk about amazing! From 20+ in my first year to now an average of 60+ participants, I am so thrilled to see how much the Crafternoons have grown.

9. More Crafternoon awesomeness with NVRC
I had 10 upcycling events with the lovely peeps at North Vancouver Recreation and Culture this year! These guys truly rock! Every person from NVRC that I've worked with has been a joy to partner with.

Here's to more crafty awesomeness together this year! The best part of this year's events was my husband Roly being hired to dress up as the Easter Bunny. Best Easter Bunny EVER!

10. Roly
It's been one year since my man immigrated to Canada. It's been a year of highs, challenges, love and big learning lessons. I couldn't ask for a better partner - life will never ever be boring with this guy by my side. It's just not possible.

Here's to finding that person who celebrates you at your best, sticks by your side during your worst, who challenges and inspires you to be the person you were always meant to be.

So that's it for my 2017 hit list. Here's to an amazing 2018! I'm ready to make awesomeness happen! Hope you are too!


Happy New Year! xo

Happy New Year crafty peeps!!

Here's hoping 2018 is everything you hope for... A year filled with love, hope, possibility, adventure and the unexpected. Be grateful, be kind, be sparkly, be awesome. xo
#happynewyear #bestwishesfor2018 #staysparkly #shareyourawesomeness