September is filled with tons of craftiness

Yay for Crafternoons! It's been awhile since I've crafted with my peeps. I have 4 workshops this month with 3 awesome partners-in-craft: North Vancouver City Library, City of North Vancouver and North Vancouver Recreation & Culture.

Find me at any or all of the following free Crafternoons:
  • NVCL's 10 Year Anniversary Crafternoon
    I'm partnering with the North Vancouver City Library on Saturday, September 15th to help celebrate their 10 year anniversary.
  • Rivers Day Event
    I'm crafting with the City of North Vancouver for an upcycling booth as part of Rivers Day on Sunday, September 23rd from 12pm to 4pm.
  • Culture Days Crafternoon
    I'm crafting with North Vancouver Recreation & Culture for two upcycling workshops as part of Culture Days on Saturday, September 29th from 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 4pm.
Visit my TBD website for all of my upcoming upcycling workshops.


5 ways thrifting can be inspiring

Here's a recent post I wrote for the Salvation Army Thrift Store blog for National Thrift Shop Day. Enjoy!

How best to celebrate National Thrift Shop Day than to drop by your local Salvation Army Thrift Store to shop and/or donate items. For me, thrifting is fun and a great way to save money, reuse instead of buying new and to express my personal style. What do you find inspiring about buying secondhand?

Here are my 5 ways thrifting can be inspiring...

1. It's earth-friendly
Instead of buying new, scour your local Salvation Army Thrift Store for those one-of-a-kind pieces to add to your wardrobe. Or donate those items that you've outlived. Both are great ways to be earth friendly. Less stuff and rethinking what we have, want or need is a win-win.

2. Name brands for no name prices
You can always find name brand clothing or shoes at your local Salvation Army Thrift Store. Also high end home decor and furniture. There is nothing better than name brand finds for no name prices.

3. Refresh your look on a budget
I love switching up my wardrobe and being a bit adventurous in how I look. And you can do this on a budget easily. A funky dress for $10, a pair of dress shoes for $7 and even a blazer or jacket for $25. You can definitely create a new look on a shoestring investment.

4. Give back
The only way you'll keep finding kewl scores is if you donate quality items. It feels good to give back and know someone else will feel the thrill of the find because of what you donated.

5. Share your successes
I'm a big believer in getting the word out about thrifting - share your best scores and inspire your friends to join you on your thrifting adventures. The more the merrier! It's fun getting a gang together who enjoy the thrill of the hunt as much as you do.

That's my list - what about you? What do you love about thrifting? And how does thrifting inspire you?


Latest DIY with SA Thrift - a cutlery wind chime

It's been awhile since I've posted and so much is going on. Here's my latest DIY for the Salvation Army Thrift Store blog - a cutlery wind chime. This is a super easy project and very low budget.

All you need is some random cutlery from your local thrift store...

Plus anything that could be used for hanging the cutlery from. I picked this up at the thrift store as well and it was perfect!

Supplies for the DIY include cutlery, galvanized wire, a makeshift hanger, fishing wire, beads and a chain or rope.

The wire is for wrapping around the cutlery to create hooks for the fishing wire.

The beads are for adding some sparkle and magic to your wind chime.

Find the full DIY at Garden DIY: How to make a cutlery wind chime. Stay tuned for more Creative Expert DIYs, tips and tricks, etc.


More DIYs with the Salvation Army

Not only am I writing DIYs plus sharing thrifting tips and tricks for the Salvation Army Thrift Store blog - I am now writing for the Salvation Army's publication Faith and Friends. Faith and Friends is a monthly outreach magazine focused on 'inspiration for living'. You can find copies of it in your local Salvation Army Thrift Store.

The Faith and Friends publication features a DIY in each issue like this one - an easy DIY shamrock shirt. TBD will be contributing DIYs once every couple of months. I've already submitted my first feature!

Stay tuned - I'll let you know once it's out. Thanks to Salvation Army for both of these awesome opportunities! It's been so great working with you!

A couple of crafty dates with NVRC

Last week I had a couple of awesome crafty dates with North Vancouver Recreation and Culture (NVRC). I love working with NVRC!

First I crafted at Lynn Valley Village and then crafted in Civic Plaza. Each project was about making some sort of musical instrument out of repurposed materials. Each night was pretty busy and the kids were super stoked about getting crafty. Just like this cutie patootie who really got into it and made 3 paper plate shakers.

Sample 1 was an upcycled cardboard rainbow cymbal... I added bells as the noise maker. We offered this craft as well as the option to make paper plate shakers using dried beans.

Sample 2 was restyling wooden dowels into magical noise makers. I used a screw-in eyelet for the bells then wrapped the dowels in pipe cleaners and added some ribbon.

Thankfully I had some wire hanging around to tie up the bells.

I'll be crafting with NVRC again later this month. Hope to see you there! Join me Wednesday, July 25th from 6pm to 8pm in Lynn Valley Village.


Urban Repurpose has moved and is open

Yahoo! The lovely peeps at Urban Repurpose are back up and running. They reopened on Wednesday in their new location at 440 Brooksbank Avenue in North Vancouver.

The space is very different and seems even bigger than their original location.

Tom definitely got creative with how to display items like these chairs hanging from the walls...

And all of the paintings and mirrors.

I'm so happy they've reopened and bonus - it's on my route home from work. I can pop in and buy a chair like this or a table like the one I have on hold. I scooped up this chair since good finds don't stick around long at Urban Repurpose!

Be sure to drop by the new space, browse, buy and/or donate at 440 Brooksbank Avenue.


Join the North Vancouver Thingery!

North Vancouver is getting their very own Thingery! Sign up to be a member of this awesome initiative. I'm signing up! I'm also part of the working group helping bring this lending library of things to the heart of lower Lonsdale.

What is a Thingery?

    A Thingery is a community owned lending library of things in a modified shipping container. The containers are self-service, so members can check things in and out at their convenience. A Thingery's inventory is community sourced; meaning that what goes into the container depends on what neighbours donate to it and what they collectively purchase. Potential inventory types include: recreation equipment, kids toys, woodworking tools, event and entertainment equipment, household appliances and musical instruments.

The mission of The Thingery is to support the development and ongoing operations of neighbourhood Thingeries.

Their vision is that every community, no matter its size, has access to a Thingery that provides its members with the equipment they need to pursue their passions.

Why Become a Member?
  1. Access to great equipment
    When you join a Thingery you will get access to hundreds of pieces of equipment including recreation equipment, power tools, event and entertainment equipment and more. No need to worry about maintaining them either, we take care of that too.
  2. Save money
    By joining a Thingery you get access to the all the equipment you need for a fraction of the cost of what it would be to purchase or rent.
  3. Lower your ecological footprint
    A large percentage of each Thingery's inventory will be donated by local community members. By using a Thingery you lower your ecological footprint through extending the life of existing materials and also preventing the manufacturing of new equipment.
  4. It's a co-op
    Each Thingery is a non-profit co-operative. That means as a member, you're also an owner. You have a say in how it's run and the equipment it carries.
Join today! A Thingery membership is only $64.50 (regular $79) and includes a co-operative membership (for life!) at $50 and the annual maintenance fee of $14.50/year (regularly $29/year). What a steal of a deal!


DIY Canada Day party trays

My latest blog post for the Salvation Army Thrift Store went up last week. It was a Canada Day themed project using secondhand finds. One was jazzing up this plastic tray with a touch of red and white...

The other DIY repurposed a wood frame into a party tray...

Here they are together - each was super simple and super cheap!

Find the full DIYs on the Salvation Army Thrift Store blog. Happy Canada Day - hope you enjoyed celebrating with family and friends!


Live and Local crafting with NVRC

July is all about Thrifty by Design and North Vancouver Recreation and Culture (NVRC). We're gearing up for NVRC's Live and Local Culture Series. So stoked - I've missed my NVRC peeps!!

Join me for one of the upcoming events in Lynn Valley Village and Civic Plaza:
Here's to making upcycling awesomeness happen with a few of my FAV crafty peeps!


Big love to Vancouver Foundation and their NSG program

And the love affair continues... This week I picked up my 2018 Neighbourhood Small Grants check. Yup! More Crafternoons with North Vancouver City Library thanks to Vancouver Foundation's Neighbourhood Small Grants program. You guys are da bomb.

Stay tuned for more upcycling, community building awesomeness thanks to Vancouver Foundation. Let's get crafty!


Mother's Day with Lupii Cafe

Last weekend was my second Crafting with Crap event. I partnered with Lupii Cafe for a Mother's Day Crafternoon. It was a small group where we kicked upcycling butt!

Here are a few of the participants. They even used the boxes we had to package up their Mom's Day gifts.

One very happy crafter with her gift all wrapped up so Mom didn't see it.

Such a cutie! Here he is with his restyled glass container filled with DIY bath salts.

A few of our completed projects...

Here's another swanky wrapping job using a cardboard box and some pink mesh.

Big thanks to the workshop participants and to Lupii Cafe for hosting. Here's to more Crafting with Crap awesomeness!


Earth Day Crafternoon awesomeness with Urban Repurpose

A couple of weeks ago was my inaugural Crafting with Crap event. Yay! And it was with my awesome peeps at Urban Repurpose. Love those guys! Here we are getting set up with my super duper helper Susan.

Mark from Urban Repurpose helped gather kewl stuff to use as decoration for our reclaimed wood planters. Look at the spread!

So many nifty things to choose from!

We even had some flowers and succulents available. I brought a couple of new succulents and a few from my own stash to share. We were set!

Here's one of the planters in progress... What a great face!

Another project in progress...

I loved seeing how different the projects were!

We had a bunch of happy upcyclers and reusers.

My friend Heather - I used to craft with Heather and her daughter a few years back.

Here are Heather's projects. She made a reclaimed wood planter and an upcycled metal bed spring planter.

Works in progress...

Here's Susan's planter...

A couple of our participants sharing their projects.

This trio was so much fun!

This guy turned his planter into a birdhouse. Pretty darn awesome!

Big thanks to everyone who joined us for our Crafting with Crap / Urban Repurpose Earth Day Crafternoon. So much gratitude to Mark, Tom and the other peeps from Urban Repurpose. You guys are da bomb!


Earth Day Crafternoon with NVCL

A couple of weeks ago I hosted my first Earth Day Crafternoon. We had 60+ participants for our upcycling event at the North Vancouver City Library. We painted rocks and tile samples using Sharpies and paints.

Here are some sample projects using upcycled tiles that were kindly donated by Tom at Urban Repurpose.

I brought a whole box of tiles thinking I would have too many but they were a hit and quickly my stash was gone.

Here's the dude of the Crafternoon. So many swanky crafty projects so he had to make his very own man purse out of bits of cardboard.

A couple of my crafty peeps.

This girl was more excited about helping me clean up than crafting!

One of my favourite partners-in-craft...

He upcycled a couple of tiles but mainly focused on this project using empty paint containers, duct tape and an egg carton.

Even the tile box was used... We had tons of upcycling awesomeness happen!

Rocks painted with letters to spell 'happy'.

This is how everyone should feel about getting crafty and making stuff!

Mother-daughter craft dates are da bomb.

This kewl dude was super chill about getting his photo taken with his projects.

Another super keen helper - this little guy helped put all of the chairs away.

And another great upcycling workshop with North Vancouver City Library has come to an end. Thanks everyone for joining me for a very fabulous event! Here's to next time!