Top 10 favourite DIYs of 2017

The countdown to 2018 has begun! I'm writing a couple of 2017 top hit lists this week. Here's list number one - top 10 DIYs from 2017. Here are my FAV easy peasy crafting with crap projects. Enjoy!

1. Mason jar packaging
Nothing beats refashioning Mason jars into swanky reusable packaging! It's cheap, easy and you can make a Mason jar look pretty darn awesome.

2. Tin can planter
Who knew tin cans could make such stunning planters! I love this DIY! And it's so darn simple.

3. Pop bottle planter
This DIY was just one of those crazy ideas you have that works out! It had to be part of my top 10 hit list!

4. Popsicle stick lantern
Crayons, wax paper and popsicle sticks never looked so good! This one is totally worthy of adding to my crafting with crap arsenal.

5. Wooden dowel wands
You are always in need of a magic wand! Making craft magic happen in no time and on budget. Yay!

6. Refashioned organizer
Updating donated plastic organizers was fun... You could modify this DIY by using cereal boxes. Stunning yet a very useful DIY.

7. Cardboard box crowns
Cardboard boxes are kick butt materials for upcycling into just about anything. Love this sparkly crown!

8. Wool sweater ornaments
Wool sweaters are another of my go to supplies. Upcycled wool sweaters rock for making Xmas decor like this ornament.

9. Cardboard box ornaments
Another DIY I created on a whim and it ended up being a huge hit. Scored big by finding a green cardboard box in my work's recycling bin.

10. Popsicle stick trees
You don't need much to make craft magic happen... Popsicle sticks, buttons and ribbon make for some very funky Xmas decor.

Stay tuned for my top 10 highlights of 2017. Happy new year everyone! xo

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