Festive crafting with crap with NVCL

Last Saturday was the Xmas Crafternoon with North Vancouver City Library. We upcycled metal washers donated by Urban Repurpose, popsicle sticks, cardboard rounds and more. It was a small crowd at 40+ participants but probably best since I was low on crafty mojo fighting a cold. And thank goodness my lovely peep Susan was there to help!

Here are some of the projects created in our 2 hour upcycling workshop...

And how about this grumpy snowman!

Or this star powered snowman...

And then we had some random trees crafted using popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners and a trusty glue gun.

This was the most awesome project - a tree using cardboard rounds from Urban Source on Main Street. It's stunning!

Then Jose brought his origami awesomeness to the Crafternoon and created this festive scene.

A cute bird on top of the tree...

And we made new friends! What a super duper workshop!

Thanks to my crafty peeps for joining me and to NVCL, Neighbourhood Small Grants and Vancouver Foundation for supporting my crafting with crap community building adventures. You guys rock!

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