A super duper rockin' Xmas Crafternoon with Guildford Library

I had 4 awesome Xmas Crafternoons this month! Yahoo! First up was the Christmas in Scandinavia workshop with Guildford Library. We had 14+ participants show up and they were fabulous!

The workshop was based on a country theme where we showcased Xmas decor from a chosen country. My country was Scandinavia so I focused on earthy, elegant and simple projects highlighting a clean aesthetic. My samples included pinecone decor and ornaments, felt hearts, cardboard and bead trees plus wool sweater ornaments.

Here I am with one of the participants and our DIY wool sweater ornaments.

A great example of how to refashion pinecones into a funky garland.

The pinecones were bought at Urban Repurpose - I'm so glad I brought these!

An upcycled cardboard box ornament...

I brought some glitter paint that came in handy.

These ladies were super lovely. Here are their tree ornaments...

I made this cardboard and bead tree on a whim... It was a hit!

This was the most elaborate DIY ornament... And the lady who made it was beyond thrilled with it! She couldn't believe the workshop was free and that she got to keep her projects.

A felt stocking for a cat in progress...

These two were so darn sparkly. They're sisters who came to craft together and they were so much fun!

And so was this mother and daughter duo. The daughter was my kind of gal - the two of us cheered everytime someone finished then showed off their project.

Here's my buddy Sharanya with her finished projects... Sharanya is the most sparkly person I know! It's always great to craft with her.

We crafted, we laughed, we sparkled, we cheered and then we hugged it out... The event was perfect! Everyone got into it and got to know each other - it was so much fun! This lady in particular was really happy she came to the workshop... You can tell by her evaluation.

Thanks everyone for a really nice afternoon of crafting and connecting. Let's do this again next year!

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