One spooky and super awesome Halloween Crafternoon

Last weekend's Halloween Crafternoon at the North Vancouver City Library was amazing! We hit an attendance record - we had 80+ participants showing up to repurpose cardboard boxes. Thank goodness we had enough supplies!

My samples for the Crafternoon included magic wands, crowns, wristbands and home decor. This guy made my magic wand sample look super lame. He was officially the King of the Crafternoon.

We had some spooky drawings in the works... Cardboard, felts and gems make for an awesome triptych.

Pretty rad drawing of a skeleton warrior with a gold prosthetist‎ and super duper underwear.

There were some costumes using upcycled cardboard...

Peace out for uber creative participants...

Same box, different participant.

We had all sorts of variations on the magic wand DIY.

There was tons of crafty love in the room.

Love this mask with gems and feathers.

The Princesses of the Crafternoon with kick butt crowns and multiple wands...

Peekaboo crown...

Paper bag puppets and a swanky pumpkin...

I got to see a bunch of my regulars like David with his one-of-a-kind project.

More Halloween awesomeness...

My new buddy David and his granddaughters... Magic wands, treat bags and a haunted house.

These guys brought tons of sparkly, fun energy to the workshop... I love seeing people so excited about crafting with crap!

And here's Delaney - one of my regulars who is so darn fabulous! She's part of the clean up crew as well.

Next NVCL Crafternoon is Saturday, December 16th from 1:30pm to 3:30pm. So much gratitude and thanks to Vancouver Foundation, the Neighbourhood Small Grants program and to my Crafternoon BFF North Vancouver City Library. You guys rock! And thanks to all my crafters. I am one lucky gal cause I get to craft with you. xo

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