Crafting with cardboard is my latest love

Turns out that upcycling cardboard boxes is awesome! Especially when it comes to Halloween crafting. You'll be finding me in the big recycle bin at work more often!

My samples for last weekend's Halloween Crafternoon at North Vancouver City Library included magic wands, wristbands, crowns and home decor.

Here's the start of my pumpkin for display... I first drew out the shape.

Then cut it out and coloured it in. I then created the eyes, nose and mouth separately.

Next I used pipe cleaners to adhere the eyes, nose and mouth to the face.

Here's my spooky pumpkin good to go!

Next up was my uber sparkly crown... Wow! Super glittery and magical.

Here are some matching wristbands to go with the crown.

And a magic wand to complete the set.

Cardboard is so fun to work with! And it's free! Here's to more crafting with cardboard and other 'crap'.

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