Project #2 for the Urban Repurpose Open House

With the big day for the Urban Repurpose Open House coming up, I made sure to get the word out and prepare a couple of easy DIYs before the event. I decided to focus on materials sourced from Urban Repurpose. One project being the repurposed tile magnets I made first. My other project was upcycling old tiles into coasters. Easy, fun and made using items from Urban Repurpose.

Here's my boring old tile that I was planning to relove.

I bought this stencil from Dollarama for the design.

Got my handy dandy Sharpies out and got stencilling!

A pink butterfly with a silver outline and gold background.

I then added these adhesive feet to the bottom of the tile.

And I'm done! It's that easy! Super cheap DIY and done in a jiffy.

Here's the easy peasy rundown...

And other than upcycling I was trying to do some promo for the event and the kewl peeps who were participating: Urban Repurpose, MakerMobile, FabCycle, Saule Collection, Mat Collective, Chop Value, Raw Creations and me.

Upcycling, community building and making new friends - a winning combo!

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