Wooden dowel magic and ribbon wands

Here's a super fun and simple DIY for making magic and ribbon wands. This project was for a Live and Local event with North Vancouver Recreation and Culture.

First I picked up two sizes of dowel from the dollar store. I wasn't sure which size would work better so made a sample using both sizes.

I also bought patterned washi tape and duct tape.

First step is wrapping the dowel with the tape.

Then screwing in an eyelet in the top. This is for the ribbon.

I cut 3 different colours of ribbon at approximately 3" in length

I pulled the ribbon through the screw-in eyelet and tied a knot in the ribbon. I pulled the ribbon through halfway so I had 6 ribbon streams.

Next I made a second sample. This time I knotted the ribbon near the end.

I then cut out two stars from some glitter adhesive foam board. This stuff was perfect for my magic wand sample!

I would normally use a cookie cutter for the pattern but they seem to have disappeared in previous Crafternoons. So here's my not so perfect stars.

I added one to one side of the top of the dowel then adhered the second star to the other side. So awesome!

Such a sweet project that I knew kids would love! Each wand cost about $0.50. Totally worth it!

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