Vancouver Mural Fest and upcycling awesomeness

A couple of weeks ago I checked out the Vancouver Mural Fest. It was awesome! And I got to see a few crafty peeps - Norb and Rebekah from The Hive Printing, Irina from Frameworq and FabCycle plus take in all of the murals. All the kewl kids were out for amazing murals! And the booths, food trucks, sunshine and live action art making. Wow!

Here's Irina at the Coze Designs booth with the Community Scrap RUG Weaving project. Leanne from Coze Designs spearheaded this fun idea.

People dropped by the booth and chose scrap fabric to add to the weaving.

The booth was a hot spot of upcycling awesomeness!

Yay for Irina and Leanne...

So much upcycling inspiration!

And other crafty, upcycling items.

Here I am with Irina showcasing the community weaving project. Such an amazing idea!

We also dropped by the Maker Education in Action event at the Centre for Digital Media. And of course we saw Emily Smith whose involved in tons of maker events and happenings throughout Vancouver.

What an inspiring day! Here's to free community engaging events. This was so much fun!


  1. Hey, just a heads up. Typo in Rebekah's name. (Also does she spell it with a 'K'? I always thought it was spelled Rebecca.

    1. Thanks Roanna! I fixed the typo. She spells her name - Rebekah. :-)