There's a new kewl kid in town called RE/PURPOSE

There's another hot spot for finding your refinishing/upcycling needs - it's RE/PURPOSE at 493 Mountain Highway in North Vancouver.

RE/PURPOSE is dedicated to reducing the levels of construction, deconstruction and other wastes entering our landfills and incinerators through their redirection back into the community as useable items or as raw manufacturing materials. Basically they have awesome stuff to relove, upcycle and enjoy!

It's a big space filled with home decor pieces, furniture, tools, etc. There's something for everyone!

Vintage drawer pulls and door knobs are one of my weaknesses!

They're hoping to set up workshops in their space and showcase one-of-a-kind creations made in-house like this bed spring chandelier. Burlap, bed springs and lights can make upcycling magic happen!

Here's another upcycled bed spring light fixture.

Definitely drop by for Free Fridays...

Or drop off your stuff to be reloved or refreshed by somebody else.

Here he is - this is Tom. He owns and runs RE/PURPOSE. Drop by, check out the store and get to know Tom. He's super duper FAB!

Stay tuned! There's a big event happening at RE/PURPOSE in September. You get to check out the store, they'll be demos, local makers and fixers to connect with and more. Before then definitely drop by. RE/PURPOSE is one very kewl kid!


Canada 150 Crafternoon with NVCL

A couple of weeks ago, I hosted a Canada 150 Crafternoon in collaboration with North Vancouver City Library. We had 40+ participants refashion donated styrofoam tiles into art. Loved this rainbow work of art. This dude was a machine and made 3 awesome pieces of art.

The styrofoam tiles were 12" square and 1" deep - the perfect canvasses for making one-of-a-kind art happen.

We had a few Canada-themed projects plus loads of brightly coloured masterpieces.

And this trio created inspirational quotes... Never give up, live your dream and more.

We had tons of happy crafters!

I think this is an airplane...

And we had a couple of 3D art projects - making upcycling magic happen is what we do!

And of course Jose was at the upcycling workshop creating origami awesomeness. Thanks Jose!

Thanks NVCL and to all of the participants for a fun afternoon of upcycling and making art.