2017 Neighbourhood Small Grants Summit

Last week was the 2017 Neighbourhood Small Grants Summit. If you've received a grant or been part of the advisory committee - this is the event for you! It's informative, inspiring and gives you the chance to connect with other NSG groupies and the team behind the program.

I love the summits! I get to connect with my community building peeps and be inspired by other project leaders.

We had a guest speaker over lunch. This guy is kind of a big deal when it comes to community building. John McKnight is the guy behind Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD). He's based in the USA and was traveling for another conference close by so he popped in to give a short presentation. He's super lovely!

There were tons of wonderful attendees at the summit. They had 8 speakers including project leaders and partner organizers that discussed their relationship with the NSG program. The presentations were inspiring and showed such a range of what can be done with a small grant!

I saw old friends and met new ones! It was a room filled with people wanting to make a difference.

Thanks NSG and Vancouver Foundation for an amazing day! You guys help make awesomeness happen!

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