Urban Source, random purchases and upcycling inspiration

Nothing inspires crafty, upcycling awesomeness more than a visit to Urban Source on Main Street. Whether you get a goody bag, paper, stamps or all of the above - you'll never leave without something and something super kewl.

After my collaging event with The Jealous Curator and Collage Collage last weekend, I popped into Urban Source to see what treasures I could find. I spent $3 on paper, Mason jar lids, cardboard circles, tile samples and plastic animals. Seemed like a good mix of craftiness potential...

The plastic animals were the treasures I decided to start with. The animals and the Mason jar lids were calling me.

The tiles would have to wait for another day. There's definitely something kewl I could do with them too!

My plan was to glue the animals to the Mason jar lids then paint them a fun colour. I've seen this DIY everywhere over the years and this weekend was my chance to try it! I used Mason jars from the dollar store - the lids from Urban Source would be used later.

First step was gluing the plastic animals to the lids.

I added super glue then placed the plastic animal in the centre of the lid... Next was waiting for the glue to dry.

Once the glue dried, I added a few coats of craft paint to the lid and plastic animal. I also mixed in some glitter paint.

You'll need 3-4 coats to create a solid finish.

One lid I painted a teal and the other pink... And of course a bit of glitter. Once you have a solid paint finish then seal with Mod Podge.

And then you're done! Super cute reusable packaging for candies, cookies, toys, etc.

Next I made a pair of upcycled wool sweater baby booties for a coworker who was going on mat leave. I thought the baby booties 'wrapped' in a Mason jar would be a super cute gift for her.

I of course went with a felt appliqué owl in bright colours.

Here they are! A light grey base with pink, blue and orange stitching.

Here's the final giftie - big time upcycling project success! Love the jar... It's the perfect packaging for the booties.

Stay tuned... This is another addictive DIY so I made more of these. I may have to go back to Urban Source for more plastic animals!

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