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Well I finally got around to redesigning my personal website, www.denisecorcoran.com. I started last year then put it aside. One thing I've learned over the years with being creative - if you're not feeling it then wait till you are. A couple of weeks ago - I was feeling it.

I put together the pages I wanted to include, refined the message and started to gather photos and content.

I'm like so many people these days... You're not one thing, one job, one career path. We are now so layered in what we do and what we love to do that breaking it down into one idea really doesn't work. I'm a digital communicator, an author, a workshop facilitator, a community builder and more. And darn proud of all of it!

So this new site of mine is to help me know what my mission is and what fills me... And then see if outside of my kick butt full-time gig there are opportunities for sharing my skills, for learning new ones and for connecting with more peeps.

Find my personal website at www.denisecorcoran.com. And if you've worked with me, crafted with me or partnered with me - send me 3 words that describe me and 1-2 lines about working with me. I'll add your to my website on my Hire Me page. Feel free to email me your submissions or if you want to work with me at deniseccorcoran [at] gmail.com.

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