An exciting TBD milestone

The other night I decided to update my TBD website and CV. Holy smokers - it had been months since I updated either of them! There was so much to add... Upcoming Crafternoons, recent interviews plus miscellaneous info here and there.

Once I had updated my CV, I counted up my upcycling workshops. Wow! Since my first Crafternoon in September of 2012, the following has happened:
  • I've facilitated 80 Crafternoons throughout Vancouver;
  • I have 8 upcoming upcycling workshops for 2017 with more to come;
  • There were 2 crafty book events;
  • 2 guest events;
  • 1 Crafting with 'Crap' night class;
  • And 1 demo.
I haven't added up the DIYs I've written for various online publications or TBD interviews yet. Maybe I'll do that next!

But the biggest milestone is that I realized I've crafted with over 1000 participants these past few years. How kewl is that?! Who would have figured that back in the day when I was trolling garage sales, thrift stores and the dump for upcycling projects that it would lead me on this crazy, crafty, awesome path!

So a huge thank you to all of my crafty peeps, partner organizations and fellow makers - you guys rock! Thank you so much for being on this adventure with me! Let's continue to kick craft butt together! xo

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