5 things to do with unwanted furniture

It's surprising I know but some people actually throw out old furniture. It's sad but true especially when there's so much that can be done with dated, broken items. And tons of people and organizations that would love to take your old pieces.

So here are 5 easy to more labour intensive options for diverting furniture from the landfill.

1. Give it away or sell it
Want to make it super simple? Post your item on Craigslist, Freecycle or Facebook for free! Someone will come and grab it in a jiffy. Or if you think you can make some money from it then put a price on it.

I picked up this swanky chair for free through Facebook. I'm still reupholstering the top part but the seat is looking FAB. I got sidetracked in my refinishing adventures once Roly immigrated here but I'm getting ready to be uber crafty soon.

2. Donate it
These days it's super easy to donate to your local charity or thrift store. In my hood, I have the Lions Gate Hospital Thrift Store, the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and two Salvation Army thrift stores.

The Lions Gate Hospital Thrift Store is perfect for those smaller pieces. You can find them at 128 West 15th Street.

The Habitat for Humanity ReStore will take those larger items - tables, dressers and couches. You can find them at 340 Lynn Avenue.

And of course the Salvation Army will take your larger pieces of furniture. One Sally Ann is at 241 Lonsdale Avenue and the other one is at 1451 Fell Avenue.

3. Leave it somewhere
By leave it somewhere, I don't necessarily mean your sidewalk or alley... You could if you live somewhere with a lot of passerby traffic and know it'll be picked up fast. But really there's nothing worse than a discarded couch sitting on the side of the road for days after a rainy day or two. Yuck - who would want that?!

This chair I scored at the Sechelt dump for $1. Bonus points for reupholstering it with thrift store fabric. Depending on where you live, there are places you can just leave your old furniture and let someone else enjoy it - even make it beautiful again!

4. Fix it up and keep it
Why not take one of your old pieces and refinish it... Maybe a quick sanding or paint job is all it needs. Or just making a minor cosmetic change like updating the drawer pulls. I refinished this $6 dresser from the Gibbons Recycling Depot years ago. I shabby chic-ed it then added new brass drawer pulls. Love it!

5. Repurpose or reenvision it
This is a fun option when it's a broken item or super dated and you're not sure you can use it for its original purpose. I paid $1 for this wooden piece. I believe it was the top detail of a cabinet. I sanded then oiled it and screwed in hooks.

It's now hanging up in my living room. I might add old cards or use it for keys, etc. It's a lovely addition to my living room and walls of kewlness!

So there you go! 5 things you can do with unwanted furniture before you even consider the landfill. Or just don't consider it. Reuse - repurpose - reenvision. All the kewl kids are doing it!

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