Valentine's Day Crafternoon

It's been awhile since I've posted to my blog. Eh gad - where has the time gone! A month ago I hosted a Valentine's Day Crafternoon with the North Vancouver City Library. What a blast! Despite the snow we ended up having 50+ participants. And all my supplies got used up... I love bringing a bunch then having very little to take home.

We upcycled cereal boxes, wooden spools, tin cans and paper samples into Valentine’s cards, reusable packaging and garlands. Here's one of my sparkly samples - a wooden spool note using cork ribbon.

Love the DIY stationary out of cereal boxes, paper samples and glittery hearts.

I brought some ribbon and stamps too.

The front of a Valentine's Day card for Dad and Mom.

And the back.

A few DIY cards in the making!

Cute inside of one of the cards.

We had new participants and of course my regulars... These guys were a great team cranking out the Valentine's Day awesomeness!

A boring tin I had at home turned into a box wrapped in love.

A couple of cards with tons of hearts.

A wrapped box and card.

My friend Sharanya dropped by the Crafternoon and made a garland out of hearts and her favourite quotes. I met Sharanya at my upcycling workshop with New Westminster Public Library last year.

One of the quotes Sharanya included.

Big thanks to North Vancouver City Library for hosting the workshop. And definitely to Vancouver Foundation and their Neighbourhood Small Grants program for getting me more involved in community building. Love my Crafternoons and my awesome crafty peeps. Yay for crafting with 'crap'!

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