Upcycling awesomeness at the Family Day Crafternoon

Last month I had two awesome Crafternoons in partnership with the North Vancouver City Library. On February 13, 2017, we had a BC Family Day upcycling workshop where we upcycled wine corks into characters and creatures.

I was able to collect 300 wine corks for free if you can believe it. A bunch from friends and a couple of local businesses. I was sure we had enough for everyone! Here's a cutie patootie family of wine cork characters.

Mom and daughters crafting up a storm.

Most exuberant crafter EVER. Seriously. Best crafty partner as she was brimming with excitement and super pumped about upcycling and making awesomeness happen.

Sigh... Love my regulars. David and his sons have been crafting with me for years. I love it when they pop in, get their craft on then get out there being awesome.

Oh Jose... Another origami masterpiece happened. No Crafternoon is complete without Jose and his kick butt origami skillz.

This girl warmed my heart... She crafted, shared her cookies with other participants then kept checking in on me. I think she had fun!

Random craft awesomeness... DIY snowman made of pom poms, pipe cleaners and glue.

Yup - we used up over 200 of my 300 donated wine corks. We killed it.

Another family of wine cork peeps.

Yup... New crafters got into the Crafternoon groove. Once you join us, you get it. Crafting with 'crap' rocks!

New crafter who made craft awesomeness happen.

Mom and daughter craft date... Both kicked butt.

My regulars... Super stoked with their projects. *swoon*

More FAB crafty dates and projects.

Yup - I am one blessed gal. I get to craft with the nicest, sweetest, funnest peeps.

Thanks for another awesome Crafternoon North Vancouver City Library! We had 50 participants of all ages and skill levels kick craft butt! We upcycled over 200 wine corks into characters and creatures. So much fun! Love my crafty peeps!

TBD's next upcycling workshop at the North Vancouver City Library is a Mother's Day Crafternoon on Saturday, May 6th from 1:30pm to 3:30pm. See you there!

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