Fair Trash Fair at Capilano U

A couple of weeks ago was the Fair Trash Fair at Capilano University. The event was organized by the Sustainability team at the University... Awesome student workers led by Bill Demopoulos. The Waste Audit was to be happening that day but the snow made it so the audit had to be postponed. Going through garbage in the cold just didn't seem that fun!

The Fair Trash Fair was a blast! I manned a table where we repurposed old fleece blankets. Here's my Fair Trash Fair peeps...

We had information about composting, a DIY macrame table and then my table where we turned the blankets into easy peasy plant pouches.

My new friend - the dude from Electrorecycle. He was there to collect staff and student's electronic recyclables... Old mobile phones, appliances, etc. He even took my stash of lightbulbs. And he crafted with us! Score!

Here's my super simple plant pouch... I transplanted a baby succulent. Here's hoping it survived being uprooted!

And there you go... How could I not love my 'real' job when I get to work with so many awesome peeps, use my crafty skills and partner with the various departments in this FAB campus community.

Stay tuned for more Cap U / TBD awesomeness. This place is so darn wonderful to work at!

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