Sometimes ya gotta pull out the paint

Back at the end of 2016, I was all about refinishing furniture and really grooving on making old pieces pretty again. I was reupholstering chairs, fixing tables and reloving forgotten items. This being one of them... A $5 table I bought years ago. I gave it a quick and dirty refinishing job at the time but I thought it could do with another refresh.

So what to do?!

Well I primed it then painted it a blue-grey. Then shabby chic-ed the finish. Wow! I'm not a big fan of painting wood but this time I think it turned out stunning!

I sanded the paint around the details to help bring them out more.

And that was it! A couple of hours of work and this table was looking awesome. So awesome that my parents kept it for themselves... This cutie patootie table has been updated and now sits in the entrance to my parents' house. Perfect! Next up? I have two chairs in desperate need of TLC. Stay tuned!