Top 10 favourite DIYs of 2017

The countdown to 2018 has begun! I'm writing a couple of 2017 top hit lists this week. Here's list number one - top 10 DIYs from 2017. Here are my FAV easy peasy crafting with crap projects. Enjoy!

1. Mason jar packaging
Nothing beats refashioning Mason jars into swanky reusable packaging! It's cheap, easy and you can make a Mason jar look pretty darn awesome.

2. Tin can planter
Who knew tin cans could make such stunning planters! I love this DIY! And it's so darn simple.

3. Pop bottle planter
This DIY was just one of those crazy ideas you have that works out! It had to be part of my top 10 hit list!

4. Popsicle stick lantern
Crayons, wax paper and popsicle sticks never looked so good! This one is totally worthy of adding to my crafting with crap arsenal.

5. Wooden dowel wands
You are always in need of a magic wand! Making craft magic happen in no time and on budget. Yay!

6. Refashioned organizer
Updating donated plastic organizers was fun... You could modify this DIY by using cereal boxes. Stunning yet a very useful DIY.

7. Cardboard box crowns
Cardboard boxes are kick butt materials for upcycling into just about anything. Love this sparkly crown!

8. Wool sweater ornaments
Wool sweaters are another of my go to supplies. Upcycled wool sweaters rock for making Xmas decor like this ornament.

9. Cardboard box ornaments
Another DIY I created on a whim and it ended up being a huge hit. Scored big by finding a green cardboard box in my work's recycling bin.

10. Popsicle stick trees
You don't need much to make craft magic happen... Popsicle sticks, buttons and ribbon make for some very funky Xmas decor.

Stay tuned for my top 10 highlights of 2017. Happy new year everyone! xo


Love my Crafternoon peeps!

As 2017 comes to a close I can't help but feel so blessed with all the crafty awesomeness that happened this year and in previous years. I am one lucky gal who gets paid to craft with people, write for kewl organizations and support other amazing initiatives in Vancouver. And on top of it I get feedback like this on my Crafternoons. Just a few of the statements made after my Xmas Crafternoon with Guildford Library.

Here's to ending this year on a high note... I've hosted 80+ upcycling workshops, crafted with 1000+ participants and not only authored a crafty book but have written for numerous publications.

Stay tuned for 2018 news and happenings! I'm adding Crafting to Crap to my arsenal of awesomeness. Website launching soon!


Merry Ho Ho Ho!

Merry Xmas and all the best for the holidays! May you enjoy your time with family and friends, eat yummy food, spread good cheer and give/receive lovely gifties.

Happy holidays and best wishes for 2018! xo


Xmas popsicle sticks with NVRC

My last Crafternoon of 2017 was with the lovely peeps at North Vancouver Recreation & Culture in Lynn Valley Village. We upcycled popsicle sticks into trees, reindeers and snowflakes. For my samples, I used buttons and tissue paper to jazz up my popsicle stick festive decor.

Here are a few trees embellished with buttons and tissue paper...

I have this thing about purple and red as a funky combo. Here's my purple tree with red buttons - love it!

And my snowflake and reindeer samples. Crafting with popsicle sticks rocks!

We had some craft renegades at the event... This cutie patootie created ‘Rein-dee’ the Reindeer out of pipe cleaners and pom poms.

And here's a swanky snowman out of buttons, sequins and pipe cleaners.

Happy Xmas everyone! Here's to a day filled with family, friends, good cheer and lovely gifties from Santa. xo


Metal washer Xmas crafts

Here are the quick and dirty Xmas crafts I prepped for my upcycling workshop with North Vancouver City Library. I started with a jar of donated metal washers from Urban Repurpose.

I then got out my stash of buttons to create a Xmas wreath ornament...

I glued green buttons to the metal washer then used a ribbon to hang it on the tree. I also added a bow to the top. Easy peasy!

My next metal washer ornament involved festive tissue paper, Mod Podge and glitter paint... It looks pretty swanky!

I also then upcycled a metal round I had from previous magnet purchases. I had a few of these lying around that I thought would be perfect for crafting with crap projects! I Mod Podged tissue paper, added some glitter paint then glued on some gems to add extra bling. I also glued metal washers to the top to help hang it. Repurposed junk never looked so good!

Hope you try one or two of these simple DIYs. Metal washers are fun to refashion!


Festive crafting with crap with NVCL

Last Saturday was the Xmas Crafternoon with North Vancouver City Library. We upcycled metal washers donated by Urban Repurpose, popsicle sticks, cardboard rounds and more. It was a small crowd at 40+ participants but probably best since I was low on crafty mojo fighting a cold. And thank goodness my lovely peep Susan was there to help!

Here are some of the projects created in our 2 hour upcycling workshop...

And how about this grumpy snowman!

Or this star powered snowman...

And then we had some random trees crafted using popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners and a trusty glue gun.

This was the most awesome project - a tree using cardboard rounds from Urban Source on Main Street. It's stunning!

Then Jose brought his origami awesomeness to the Crafternoon and created this festive scene.

A cute bird on top of the tree...

And we made new friends! What a super duper workshop!

Thanks to my crafty peeps for joining me and to NVCL, Neighbourhood Small Grants and Vancouver Foundation for supporting my crafting with crap community building adventures. You guys rock!


A super duper rockin' Xmas Crafternoon with Guildford Library

I had 4 awesome Xmas Crafternoons this month! Yahoo! First up was the Christmas in Scandinavia workshop with Guildford Library. We had 14+ participants show up and they were fabulous!

The workshop was based on a country theme where we showcased Xmas decor from a chosen country. My country was Scandinavia so I focused on earthy, elegant and simple projects highlighting a clean aesthetic. My samples included pinecone decor and ornaments, felt hearts, cardboard and bead trees plus wool sweater ornaments.

Here I am with one of the participants and our DIY wool sweater ornaments.

A great example of how to refashion pinecones into a funky garland.

The pinecones were bought at Urban Repurpose - I'm so glad I brought these!

An upcycled cardboard box ornament...

I brought some glitter paint that came in handy.

These ladies were super lovely. Here are their tree ornaments...

I made this cardboard and bead tree on a whim... It was a hit!

This was the most elaborate DIY ornament... And the lady who made it was beyond thrilled with it! She couldn't believe the workshop was free and that she got to keep her projects.

A felt stocking for a cat in progress...

These two were so darn sparkly. They're sisters who came to craft together and they were so much fun!

And so was this mother and daughter duo. The daughter was my kind of gal - the two of us cheered everytime someone finished then showed off their project.

Here's my buddy Sharanya with her finished projects... Sharanya is the most sparkly person I know! It's always great to craft with her.

We crafted, we laughed, we sparkled, we cheered and then we hugged it out... The event was perfect! Everyone got into it and got to know each other - it was so much fun! This lady in particular was really happy she came to the workshop... You can tell by her evaluation.

Thanks everyone for a really nice afternoon of crafting and connecting. Let's do this again next year!


Festive crafting with Urban Repurpose

Last weekend I went to Urban Repurpose's inaugural upcycling workshop and it was awesome! Usually I'm facilitating workshops but I also love getting inspired by attending Crafternoons so this event was perfect! The event was super fun and the best part was I got to support Urban Repurpose and connect with new and kewl crafty peeps.

The workshop used materials found in the store and was facilitated by Taren and Gabriele from the West Vancouver Library. It was 2 hours of crafty awesomeness! First Tom introduced Urban Repurpose.

Then Taren introduced the craft and showed us how to upcycle tiles into Xmas ornaments.

Here are her sample projects... I love the silver leaf and all things glitter!

Our batch of basic supplies included tiles, paper, glitter and Mod Podge. We were set!

Here I am with Gabriele and Taren. I am definitely crafting with them again!

Sparkly and funky Xmas ornaments made from 'junk'!

Meanwhile they have quite the display in their window. Upcycled 'stuff' turned into a sleigh for Santa being led by Rudolph. Urban Repurpose really practices what they preach... Tom is always on the road collecting donations, their volunteers are amazing and they have a space in the back where creativity and ingenuity take upcycling to a whole new level.

A bit about the Xmas display...

Stay tuned for more upcycling workshops at Urban Repurpose... It was $10 well spent!