One spooky and super awesome Halloween Crafternoon

Last weekend's Halloween Crafternoon at the North Vancouver City Library was amazing! We hit an attendance record - we had 80+ participants showing up to repurpose cardboard boxes. Thank goodness we had enough supplies!

My samples for the Crafternoon included magic wands, crowns, wristbands and home decor. This guy made my magic wand sample look super lame. He was officially the King of the Crafternoon.

We had some spooky drawings in the works... Cardboard, felts and gems make for an awesome triptych.

Pretty rad drawing of a skeleton warrior with a gold prosthetist‎ and super duper underwear.

There were some costumes using upcycled cardboard...

Peace out for uber creative participants...

Same box, different participant.

We had all sorts of variations on the magic wand DIY.

There was tons of crafty love in the room.

Love this mask with gems and feathers.

The Princesses of the Crafternoon with kick butt crowns and multiple wands...

Peekaboo crown...

Paper bag puppets and a swanky pumpkin...

I got to see a bunch of my regulars like David with his one-of-a-kind project.

More Halloween awesomeness...

My new buddy David and his granddaughters... Magic wands, treat bags and a haunted house.

These guys brought tons of sparkly, fun energy to the workshop... I love seeing people so excited about crafting with crap!

And here's Delaney - one of my regulars who is so darn fabulous! She's part of the clean up crew as well.

Next NVCL Crafternoon is Saturday, December 16th from 1:30pm to 3:30pm. So much gratitude and thanks to Vancouver Foundation, the Neighbourhood Small Grants program and to my Crafternoon BFF North Vancouver City Library. You guys rock! And thanks to all my crafters. I am one lucky gal cause I get to craft with you. xo


Refashioning a boring magazine holder in a jiffy

Here's one of my sample projects from last weekend's Back to School Crafternoon with the North Vancouver City Library. I lucked out with two awesome donations: cardboard document carrier tubes and plastic magazine holders.

Here's an easy peasy way to jazz up a boring magazine holder...

I bought a butterfly stencil from Dollarama then used gold and silver Sharpies to add butterflies, stars and circles. Then I glued on some gems to make it a bit sparkly.

I then glued funky paper to the front and back with a green glittery tape accent.

It took me 15 minutes to dress up this magazine holder and was super cheap to refashion.

This weekend I'll be prepping for 3 upcycling workshops as part of next weekend's Culture Days. Join me for one or all - they're free events in partnership with North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission.


Back to School Crafternoon at NVCL

Last weekend was another awesome upcycling workshop at the North Vancouver City Libraryhttps://www.vancouverfoundation.ca! It was our annual Back to School Crafternoon and we rocked it. We had 30+ participants upcycling document carrier tubes, refashioning magazine holders, dressing up tin cans and turning bottle caps into swanky fridge magnets.

Here's my coworker Tanya showing off my handy dandy school bag sample.

Here are some completed projects...

And a couple more funky DIYs...

This father-daughter team kicked it outta the park. DIY pipe cleaner glasses, dressed up gift bags and the kewlest fridge magnets ever.

Check it out - love this alien fridge magnet!

We also made spider fridge magnets. So cute!

This is Mikale - she helps makes my upcycling workshops happen at NVCL.

Thanks everyone who came out and crafted! And big thanks to NVCL for hosting and Vancouver Foundation along with their Neighbourhood Small Grants program for supporting our crafting with 'crap' adventures!


One super duper Urban Repurpose Open House

Did you make it to the Urban Repurpose Open House? Hope so cause it was a blast! We had awesome crafty peeps showing their wares or offering fun upcycling projects. I was lucky enough to be included with a group of pretty awesome makers, repairers and upcyclers.

Here's Shula from Nifty Scissors...

Simon from MakerMobile and Irina from Frameworq...

Sarah from Saule Connection...

An Urban Repurpose volunteer with swanky steampunk hats...

Simon in the MakerMobile travelling classroom...

More Urban Repurpose volunteers showcasing what you can do with 'junk'...

Rob from Raw Creations...

Felix from ChopValue...

And Selina and Rebecca from Merakos Fieldhouse...

My day was filled with upcycling and repurposing finds from Urban Repurpose... We upcycled tiles into funky coasters and fridge magnets.

All you need is a stencil, some Sharpies and glitter tape to make a swanky tile coaster.

This is Nick and he made me my very own piece of DIY art. So kewl!

These two girls have their own business and popped in to repair old clothes, embroider and then they came to my table to craft. They're both super duper dynamos.

What a magical afternoon of community connecting, inspiring upcyclers and making new BFFs.

Thanks to Tom for setting up this kick butt event, thanks to all my co-participants who made awesome happen and thanks to everyone who dropped by and crafted with me. Stay tuned! They'll be another open house coming soon!


A new junk to funk adventure - Crafting with Crap

A couple of years ago when Quest University Canada asked me to teach a night class about upcycling they needed a name for the course. I had no idea what to call it... Upcycling 101, Turning Trash into Treasure but then Crafting with 'Crap' popped into my head. It really says everything about what the course would be about. I sent off the name thinking there was no way they'd let me use it but they did!

Ever since then I've been thinking about what to do with this awesome name. I bought the domain name and just waited til I knew what I had to do with it.

Well now I'm ready to start a new adventure using it! The other night I started playing with fonts... I perused www.dafont.com for ideas and came up with an initial design.

Here's draft two - getting closer!

And here's the final logo... My awesome coworker Randy tweeked the design. I love it! So now www.craftingwithcrap.com is live! I've got a fancy dancy coming soon page up and now the real work starts. Gotta design the interface, build the pages, write the content... Yada, yada, yada. Can't wait!

Stay tuned! Here's hoping I can get a site up in a jiffy then it'll be time to revisit my business cards and see where I can take this awesome new upcycling adventure!


Project #2 for the Urban Repurpose Open House

With the big day for the Urban Repurpose Open House coming up, I made sure to get the word out and prepare a couple of easy DIYs before the event. I decided to focus on materials sourced from Urban Repurpose. One project being the repurposed tile magnets I made first. My other project was upcycling old tiles into coasters. Easy, fun and made using items from Urban Repurpose.

Here's my boring old tile that I was planning to relove.

I bought this stencil from Dollarama for the design.

Got my handy dandy Sharpies out and got stencilling!

A pink butterfly with a silver outline and gold background.

I then added these adhesive feet to the bottom of the tile.

And I'm done! It's that easy! Super cheap DIY and done in a jiffy.

Here's the easy peasy rundown...

And other than upcycling I was trying to do some promo for the event and the kewl peeps who were participating: Urban Repurpose, MakerMobile, FabCycle, Saule Collection, Mat Collective, Chop Value, Raw Creations and me.

Upcycling, community building and making new friends - a winning combo!