DIY paper making with the City of Richmond

Sunday was my first ever Paper That Grows Flowers and Veggies workshop with the City of Richmond. I haven't made paper in years so was a teeny bit nervous about this Crafternoon. I made pulp the night before, collected my materials, made some samples and I was ready!

First was getting set up... Pulp was made, we had upcycled wire hangers wrapped with old nylons for the strainers plus we had a ton of seeds and dried flowers to embed in the paper.

Here's my pulp! The brown goop was Kraft paper and old newspapers. The pink and blue are regular paper. Making pulp was super easy!

We had 12 participants who got really REALLY into the paper making... People made plantable cards, art and bookmarks.

Here are some art pieces in progress...

Everyone created multiple projects and had a blast!

Turns out the paper making workshop was a hit! Two thumbs up from my regular Ruby.

And this cutie patootie loved the workshop - she made tons of paper making awesomeness happen!

Who knew paper making was so easy yet messy! Upcycled wire hangers and old nylons plus pulped up recycled paper makes kick butt DIY art!

Big thanks to the City of Richmond, my participants and my amazing helper Vivian for another fun afternoon of making!

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