One super awesome Halloween Crafternoon

Last weekend I had one of my biggest Crafternoons yet! It was a Halloween Crafternoon with my FAV peeps from the North Vancouver City Library. The upcycling workshop was supported by a Neighbourhood Small Grant and is my way of helping build community. And we sure had a ton of community building happening!

My sparkly BFF Sanam helped me get set up. Love my crafty peeps!

We started at 1:30pm and by 2pm we hit room capacity! We had 60+ participants plus 20+ hoping to get in. Wow! Thankfully I had 50 t-shirts and tons of egg cartons, cereal boxes and craft supplies for everyone!

My main DIY was an upcycled t-shirt trick or treat bag. Super simple, no sewing necessary and the kids got to add their own touches!

I had felt, glittery duct tape and glow in the dark fabric paint.

And so many awesome crafters! Here's the superhero of the Crafternoon! He got to wear my upcycled t-shirt cape. He saved us from craft disasters, accidents and used his superpowers for good.

I loved all of the t-shirt trick or treat bags! 50 secondhand t-shirts were upcycled in a jiffy.

And we made very spooky egg carton spiders. I'm not sure who had more fun - this girl or her Dad!

Best photo EVER! She hid her spider in the bag then brought it out to show me. Crafting and crafty peeps are da bomb!

An upcycled cereal box trick or treat bag in the works.

A pretty darn fabulous trick or treat bag... Grey base, felt accents and glow in the dark text. Perfect!

And cutie patootie headbands with ears plus a makeshift hook.

We then gave away my project sample... So many kids were keen on winning this. All the kids who helped clean were entered and then this girl won it. She was so darn happy to win it... Love finding happy homes for my kookie projects!

Finally the craft renegade joined us and made a spectacular origami scene for Halloween. Even origami can be spooky!

Thanks to everyone who joined me for the Halloween Crafternoon - it was an awesome time! Amazing attendance, a super fun project, a team of cleaners and we just rolled with it. So grateful to the North Vancouver City Library and the Vancouver Foundation for their Neighbourhood Small Grants program. Building community + crafting with 'crap' = one kick butt afternoon!

And for those of you who were turned away, we're going to figure out a plan for the Xmas Crafternoon. Stay tuned!

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