My $20 thrift store find is total awesomeness

Don't you just love finding something so 'you' at the thrift store? And finding it on the day they have a 50% off sale? That's this table. It was $40. A bit pricey since it was in disrepair. But I loved the details, the shape, the size, the wood... So for $20 I bought it!

It had tons of potential! I'm so girlie in some ways - I love frilly type pieces like this! The added embellishment on the top is darn lovely...

Unfortunately one of the embellishments went MIA so I had to remove the ones that were left and adjust the spacing.

But if I could fix the top of this table it was going to be awesome. So awesome that I would definitely keep it!

Luckily I had a heat gun so used that to remove the embellishments. Unfortunately I was too keen and burnt the wood a bit plus broke a couple of the embellishments. Oops!

Now that the top was flat I scraped the finish... That pile is the varnish from the top. Yuck!

Then I sanded the top and embellishments then glued them back on spacing them evenly around the top.

Thank goodness I had some carpenter glue on hand plus clamps!

I left the table for a day so the glue could set.

Then did more sanding and staining in hopes of making the finish seamless.

The finish isn't perfect but I'm happy with it! There are some imperfections because of my overzealous heat gunning and from moving the embellishments. But wow - I love this table!

And now it's in its forever home... Yay!

It totally fits with all my other thrift store, share shed, free furniture! These two were made for each other!

Still in love with this chair update...

So one thrift store find updated, one to go and one table from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore to finish up.

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