Just another chair refresh adventure

Another weekend, another thrift store find, another furniture refresh... Seems to be the usual these days! Upcycler of 'junk', refresher of discarded furniture is my thang! My latest chair to rescue is this $10 vintage find from the Salvation Army thrift store. It was $20 but they were having a 50% off furniture sale. Total score!

It was a desperate situation... The upholstery fabric was in terrible shape and the wood was a bit yucky.

The upholstery job was pretty bad... And then there were tears in the fabric. This chair needed me!

For $10 I thought I could make this chair pretty again... The upholstery job was going to be more complicated than other chairs I've refreshed but I was up for the challenge.

First was taking it apart... I removed the fabric. As I was doing this, yellow powder was streaming out of the seat. I wasn't sure what to think but it turns out the cushioning was disintegrating. By the time I removed all of the fabric, I had a pile of yellow dust on the floor. Yuck!! So I used a Shop Vac to suck up the yellow powder then vacuumed the chair and wiped it down.

Here's the chair - no more icky fabric, no more disgusting cushioning... This chair had good bones!

I then sanded and oiled the wood frame. As always, removing an old, dated finish really can bring a chair back to life! I softened and lightened the finish and WOW! The grain and details in the wood started to 'pop'. Such a beautiful design!

Then was adding new foam... I made a 'template' for the seat using taped up paper.

I then used my pattern to trace out the shape for the new foam then cut it out.

I added the foam to the seat and back rest then started adding the new fabric. The fabric is an old thrift store find - I bought a bunch of this Ikea fabric from the Salvation Army thrift store a few years ago for cheap. This fabric was a fun fit for the chair and really worked with the lighter wood finish.

I placed the fabric so the design filled up the space and I had one of the birds featured.

The back was a bit fussy... I used silver upholstery tacks to add some bling to the back and took my time to make this look close to perfect. I had to remove and re-add tacks plus a few ended up bending.

Next I picked up more silver tacks so I could clean up and finish the back.

Here's the completed back... Now it was time to upholster the seat!

This was a bit difficult since I had to upholster the chair without removing the seat. First I figured out the placement of the design.

Here it is! It didn't take as long as I thought it would. I used my pattern from the foam to help me trim my fabric and figure out how to add it. It's not perfect but it's very close.

Once I finished the seat, I wiped the wood then screwed in the back rest.

Here's the back... I tried to make sure the silver tacks were lined up and perfectly spaced.

Check out the before and after - what a difference! And such an easy and cheap update! I thought it would take longer but it ended up being a simplier update than I anticipated. Total budget - maybe $20-25. $10 for the chair, $5 for the fabric, free foam, a few bucks for the upholstery tacks... Not bad!

Two tables and a chair update in the past week or so... I'm on a roll! Next is finally finishing up my free chair update. Yay!

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