Crafting at Capilano U's Fall Farmers' Market

A couple of weeks ago, I helped at the Fall Farmers' Market at Capilano U. The event was sponsored by the Facilities and Sustainability departments on campus. My part of the market was to host an upcycling /craft table. I brought a copy of my book, 'Raw Crafts' plus sample projects and then led a quick DIY.

One of my sample projects was the awesome upcycled milk carton and burlap planter. I bought a couple of succulents and got crafty!

First was prepping my burlap - I used one of my Martha Stewart stencils and a Sharpie.

Then I plugged in my trusty glue gun and put a sample together.

I am so in love with succulents! This one is from Dykhof Nurseries. It's so darn cute!

It doesn't take much to create awesome!

Here are a few of the peeps at the Fall Farmers' Market...

This is Owen - he's the main liaison for the Bee Club at Cap U.

Here's Mara and Stella - they organized the Fall Farmers' Market.

Here's Mara making her first ever macrame planter out of jute.

Stella was so thrilled and proud of her macrame planter since she claims to be useless at crafts. But she rocked it!

And Mara with her macrame planter... She even added some t-shirt yarn!

Such a fun afternoon of sharing the joy of upcycling and getting crafty. Stay tuned! I may be helping at World Food Day on campus on October 18th.

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