A $5 find from the ReStore is now one stunning table

Remember this $5 table base from the North Vancouver Habitat for Humanity ReStore? It was dirty, dinged and discarded...

So I bought it for $5 to see if I could make it pretty again. First I sanded off the shellac finish. I did some sanding then added tung oil to see what the wood was like. Well the base is a gorgeous two tone with total wood grain awesomeness!

It didn't take much to bring out the wood grain... Thankfully!

I love how the bottom of the base crosses like this...

Such a difference it makes to remove the shellac and add some oil!

Once I was 80% done with refinishing the wood, I dropped the table base off at Capilano Glass so they could cut a new top for it. Capilano Glass ROCKS! The people are super nice and helpful plus they do awesome work. I picked up the table and glass yesterday then finished off my refinishing project. I cleaned up the wood then added more oil. WOW! Then placed these clear round pieces in the corners before inserting the glass.

Capilano Glass did an amazing job with the insert - rounded the edges and the glass fits perfectly!

So here it is! A bit of time, a bit of money and it looks FAB!

I decided on clear glass and not tinted... So glad I did! I love how you can see the grain in the base.

Hard to believe the table was discarded and only cost $5. The glass was about $35 with tax. So overall budget was $40 plus time and labour.

And now to find a forever home for this update...

Next up? I'm nearing completion of a $10 vintage chair from the Salvation Army thrift store. This will be done today. It looks amazing! Can't wait to share with you.

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