5 ways to upcycle cereal boxes

One of my main go to items to upcycle for Crafternoons are cereal boxes. They're great to work with - they're free, durable and they come in all shapes and sizes. I've used them as patterns, canvasses, organizers and more! Cardboard boxes have tons of potential for fun DIYs. Here are a few of my favourite projects using upcycled cereal boxes...

1. Gift tags, cards
Why buy gift tags or cards when you can easily make your own. Cut your boxes into gift tags or cards then customize them with scrap paper, stamps, funky tape and even buttons! Don't feel limited by the traditional size, shape or look of gift tags or cards... Get creative!

You can also make name tags...

Another fun gift tag from way back!

Plus you can experiment with DIY cards!

I even made a book using cereal box cardboard for the covers!

Such a simple and fast project!

2. Gift bags
Cereal boxes are perfect for a custom gift bag. Decorate the outside, add handles then attach your DIY gift tag in a jiffy!

I layered paper and Mod Podge to the outside of this box, painted it white then decoupaged letters and images cut out from magazines. I then added round pieces of tissue paper.

3. Art
Yes you can even make art out of upcycled cereal boxes. Why not! The ink side of the cardboard is a great surface to work on. I made these paintings out of cereal boxes then inserted them into old CD cases.

4. Desk organizers
You can turn cereal boxes into desk organizers or add magnets to the back to hang them on your fridge easily. Either wrap old paper around them, reuse gift wrap or use drawings by your kids.

Cut out letters from old magazines to label your organizer.

I used some cutie patootie cupcake gift wrap for this DIY.

Here's my fridge organizer using donated scrap paper and a chalkboard sticker.

5. Bunting
You can either use cereal boxes for your pattern or for the actual garland. Sometimes I've glued burlap to the cereal boxes or you can glue scrap paper.

I used the cereal box cardboard for this DIY then glued wallpaper samples to add a pattern. Cheap, easy and it looks FAB!

So there ya go - dig into your recycle bin, empty your cereal boxes or ask your friend's for their empty boxes then get crafty!


  1. This is gonna change my life, thanks TBD!!

    1. Anytime! Stay tuned... I'll be sharing more tips and tricks for upcycling items from your recycling bin! :-)