Upcycling t-shirts with my City of Richmond peeps

Last weekend I had my biggest Crafternoon yet and my smallest. I went from 75+ participants at the Back-2-School Crafternoon on Saturday to 2 participants at the Repurpose Old T-Shirts or Skirts workshop on Sunday.

We had a small and very industrious group. And I had tons of t-shirts donated for the workshop. We were ready to kick craft butt! First we made reusable bags from upcycled t-shirts.

This is my quick and dirty no sew bag. Love the skull!

Then we made stuff out of t-shirt yarn. My helper Vivian decided to make a t-shirt yarn person. A bit of braiding and knotting was all it required.

Here's my trio - 2 happy participants and 1 awesome helper! We rocked it!

And that was that! We had fun, made kewl stuff and got to know each other better.

My next workshop with the City of Richmond is Paper That Grows Flowers and Veggies on Sunday, October 30th from 10am to 12pm.

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