Reupholstering is the new kewl

This weekend I went to Dressew, picked up some purple velvet then got reupholstering. First job was the seat of the free chair. I managed to line up the design and then tack the fabric into place. It's starting to come together!

I love how this thrift store find seems to fit the chair perfectly!

The side lines up really well with the design of the chair. So stoked for this chair update!

That's how I spent Sunday afternoon - reupholstering a seat! I was hoping to finish the whole chair but only managed the seat.

And I think I'm going to keep looking for fabric for the back rest. The purple just seems a bit drab for the other fabric. We'll see what I can do. But so far so good! Yay!

Then yesterday I decided to reupholster another chair... Easy peasy! It took one hour to refresh the upholstery. It's turning into an addiction this reupholstering chairs gig. I love using furniture tacks and not a staple gun.

And there ya go... One hour and this chair was complete.

I tried to line up the design evenly... I adore how the corner flowers frame the seat!

This fabric with au natural wood is an awesome combo!

With a bit of time and know how this is what can be accomplished. Love it!

So next up?! New fabric for my free chair then I can get 'er done. It's gonna be pretty!

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