My latest project - a $5 table base

And so another furniture refresh is in the works! I couldn't resist... I paid $5 for this table base from the North Vancouver Habitat for Humanity ReStore this weekend - what a dealorama!

The base is in good shape despite the dust, cooties and layer of shellac. I've never been a fan of shellac - in my opinion it dates furniture plus mutes the wood grain. My big mission is to remove shellac from all my furniture finds if I can.

Here's a close up of the wood... Nice grain, solid wood... All it needs is some TLC and a glass top.

I sanded for a couple of hours then added some oil... It didn't take much for this to look better!

I love how there's two different colours of wood. I'm hoping the design isn't too chunky or looks too dated. We'll see what it looks like when I'm done!

This weekend I'll tweek the finish then add a coat of varathane. Then I'll need to get a piece of glass cut. Easy peasy!

Check out the wood grain porn! No more dust, cooties or shellac holding this baby back.

This was a great find for $5! I'm super stoked to see the end result... You really don't need a lot of money, a lot of time or a lot of know-how to turn the drab to super FAB. Or at least I'm hoping!

Meanwhile I have both my chairs home after giving them a simple refresh... I noticed once I had them both in my place that I added the fabric differently. Oops! Oh well - different chairs, different pattern... it's all good! Nothing in my place matches and I like that. So happy with the fabric! Best thrift store score EVER!

And so this crafty gal is back in the furniture upcycling, refinishing, reloving game for the next while... And I'm loving it!

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