Finding treasures at the Habit for Humanity ReStore

Last weekend I went to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in North Vancouver. I love to drop by every so often for potential furniture projects, random hardware or just something unexpected. I tried to find a chair project since their furniture was 35% off but no luck.

I did find this for $1. I think it must have been the top piece of a dresser or cabinet. I found it in a bin at the ReStore and decided to see what I could do with it.

The wood is gorgeous! And the design is a bit funky.

It's a bit rustic with the crack in the middle. I love the cut out design!

There were four holes along the bottom I'm assuming were for dowel pins.

With a mini sanding job using steel wool then a coat of stain, this was starting to look pretty gorgeous!

Now what to do?! I could upcycle it into a hanger, leave it as is or something else... Exciting!

After prepping it, I dropped by Rona for ideas. Doug, on the left with my coworker from Capilano University Russell, helped me with some ideas. Thanks Doug!

I decided to go with adding hooks... I used some old wood plugs I had on hand from when I was refinishing tons of teak chairs to seal the holes. I added carpenter glue then inserted the plugs. Once the glue was dry, I then sanded the plugs down to be flat with the base of my hanger. I restained the bottom to be consistent with the rest of the finish then drilled holes in the plugs and screwed in the brass hangers.

Next I added screws to the back and added wire for hanging this up.

And my $1 item turned into a $4 upcycling project that took maybe an hour to create. Now I just need to find the perfect home for it! This could be a hanger for my scarves or reusable bags... Oh the possibilities!

Next I need to decide what to do with my other ReStore finds like these metal items...

And these worn metal pulleys... Love these! I thought I could use some rope I had stashed away with the pulleys on one of my living room walls. I could hang these then use wooden clothes pegs to hang photos or cards from the rope. We'll see!

There's loads of treasures to be found at the ReStore! I think I paid a dollar for the 4 metal items. Dealorama! I might just have to drop by again soon.

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