Easy peasy home decor with thrift store mirrors

There two things I love finding at thrift stores that are perfect for your home decor needs... Frames and mirrors! You can find gorgeous pieces on a budget while decorating with green in mind.

I bought these two mirrors secondhand - the black mirror is from the North Vancouver Habitat for Humanity ReStore and the gold mirror is from the Salvation Army Thrift Store on Lonsdale. I had them sitting around and finally hung them up last week. I adore that they're the same dimensions yet have completely different looks.

They hang above my printer tray in the corner of my living room with a bunch of my travel photos.

Slowly but surely adding personality to my living room walls... Momentos, photos, mirrors, quotes...

Home decor is easy and infusing your style in your home can be fun... I'm big on an eclectic look and feel while refreshing the old and designing on a super small budget. We don't need new and we don't need to break the budget to create something that shows our personality and style. And that makes us love being in our space.

I think I'm done with adding to my living rooms walls! So happy with my kookie, crazy, one of a kind thrift store treasures. Why not try scavenging your local thrift store to find gorgeous mirrors for your place. You'll be surprised by what you can find!

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