A serendipitous trek to Dressew

Yesterday I adventured to Dressew in search of a plain fabric for my chair update. I hardly ever go to Dressew so this was gonna be fun!

Last weekend ended with one completed chair update, my two director chairs ready for fabric and my free chair looking darn good. I stripped the old fabric, cleaned up the wood and added oil to the chair. I was ready to go for new upholstery!

I wanted to use this thrift store fabric for the seat then find a plain fabric for the back. I thought I could pick something to bring out the pink - I definitely didn't want burgundy or yellow. And blue wouldn't work either.

I looked through the piles and piles of fabric trying this and that out... Maybe this purple canvas...

Or this grey canvas...

These two helped me out... Michael was at Dressew sourcing fabric for his Halloween costume and Wendy works at Dressew. Wendy saved me from a somewhat grumpy professional upholsterer who was not impressed with my panache for DIY. Apparently she teaches upholstery and didn't think I could upholster my chair 'correctly'. Wendy and I decided that I had the skills to make this chair refresh happen. So I'm going for it! Thanks Wendy!

So my surprising fabric choice - well at least I'm surprised... I went with a mauve velvet! It's the exact match for the mauve in the thrift store fabric. Seems so regal but I'm gonna go for it... Go big or don't bother I guess!

I also bought more decorative nails... I'm going to reuse the tacks I removed last weekend. If the design is too much then I can use the plain brushed brass tacks I have. Oh ya gotta love options!

So this is my day... 1 free chair, some stunning thrift store fabric, some very regal velvet, a bunch of reused tacks... This chair is gonna ROCK! Or so I hope!

Fingers crossed crafty peeps! Wouldn't this completed chair update be the perfect partner for my chair refresh from last weekend? I think so. Wish me luck!


  1. Woohoo! Yay for Wendy! Your chair is going to look amazing. And the velvet is a great choice. Purple is the sign of royalty. Sparkly royalty. :-)

    1. Thanks Carol! Yay for Wendy indeed - she was AWESOME! Unfortunately the purple velvet looks a bit bland so am rethinking the top part of the chair. We'll see how it goes! :-)