The great chair adventure!

This weekend I refinished four chairs... One quick chair refresh, two director chairs and I dismantled my free chair. Remember this guy from last weekend? He's been stripped of the old upholstery, the wood has been cleaned and restained then I glued the wobbly bits. He's ready for new upholstery!

There were two layers of upholstery in parts. So I took out the staples and removed most of the old, vinyl fabric. I also vacuumed the bottom of the chair since there were cooties and dead bugs.

I then used steel wool to gently clean up the surface of the wood. I then stained and oiled the wood... Wow! This chair has good bones and the wood grain is stunning!

I was able to save the decorative tacks and can reuse them for this chair update or another!

I then looked into my fabric stash. These two fabric pieces are from the thrift store. Unfortunately the top piece wasn't wide enough to use for my free chair update. But the bottom piece will work!

I'm going to go to Dressew to find a plain fabric for the back part of the chair - the seat will use my thrift store fabric. The combo hopefully should look FAB!

So here's where I left off Sunday aft... Most of the upholstery, staples and decorative tacks removed, the wood has been refinished and I've glued the loose arm.

I'm really feeling good about this chair update. Love the design of the chair and I think the upholstery I have will look stunning. *fingers crossed*

Here's the back of the seat. I tacked the piece of cardboard back into place. I'm ready to go!

Stay tuned! Next weekend I'll find some plain upholstery fabric and get started (and hopefully finished) on this chair refresh. Then I'll have an update on my two director chairs. Kicking chair butt!

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