Refinishing furniture truly is a labour of love

Remember these collapsible director chairs I mentioned a few weeks ago? They had been stored in my parents' shed for awhile and it was time to drag them out and make them pretty.

Well I started a major overhaul on them a couple of weeks ago. Holy smokers... It's become a labour of love. Removing the paint has been a bit more time consuming than I thought it would be! But I suspect it's going to be well worth it!

I started on the first chair by scraping off the paint. Talk about a workout!

I decided not to dismantle them since some of the hardware would need to be replaced once I removed it. But check it out - there's a lovely wood grain under all that icky paint! Exciting!

Chair one took awhile as I eased back into furniture refinishing mode... Funny how you get rusty when you haven't worked on a furniture update in a long time!

Not perfect but with some sanding I hope to get rid of the bits of white paint in the hard to reach spots.

Here's the chair au natural... So much potential for awesomeness!

Chair one and chair two... What a difference!

This was one afternoon of hard labour...

Next afternoon of refinishing included sanding then staining...

Isn't the stain way better than the paint finish? Now I just need to clean up the bits of white... Eh gad... Being a perfectionist in this area means my investment of time on this update has skyrocketed.

But wow it's definitely worth it!

So that's afternoon number two of working on my director chairs... From dated and ugly to hopefully stunning and modern.

Next I'll get chair two scraped, sanded and stained then it'll be time to stitch up the funky fabric for the seat and back rest. I'm using some thrift store fabric I picked up awhile ago. Stay tuned!


  1. I can't wait to see them all done. But the wood looks amazing so far. Those chairs thank you from the bottoms of their hearts!

    1. Thanks Carol! Hoping to finish off the chairs today then stitch up the fabric next weekend. :-)