One pretty darn kick butt chair update

This weekend was filled with chair refinishing, seat reupholstering and getting into the groove of making discarded chairs look pretty. So much fun! For the most part... At times there was some hard labour happening but so worth it. And the weekend ended with only one minor self injury moment. Yahoo!

I'm in the process of updating four chairs - two director chairs, one free chair and then one chair from the Sechelt dump. I decided to 'refresh' my dump chair from a few years ago. I bought this chair for $1 from the Sechelt dump and managed to refinish it one afternoon.

I removed the shellac (super yuck!) then reupholstered it. This is the chair when I first saw it... So desperate for some TLC.

This is my original chair refresh... It looks so much better without the shellac and some new fabric.

I took this thrift store fabric out thinking I could use it for my free chair update - unfortunately I only have one long strip of the fabric and the width isn't wide enough for the free chair but just wide enough for my dump chair. Phew! I bought a bunch of this from the thrift store for $2.99. I love the colours, the design - it's so swoon worthy!

I placed it on the dump chair and I knew I needed to make this refresh happen!

The first fabric is nice and I love it but wow - the new fabric was so me! I was gonna update the fabric and knew I would be keeping this chair for a long time!

While I was dismantling the chair anyways I cleaned up the finish. I used steel wool to remove some marks then restained the finish. I adore wooden chairs - no paint, just au natural with an oil or stain that brings out the grain. Once I removed the shellac from this chair, the wood grain just stood out and made this chair a stunner.

After a couple of hours of sanding, staining and then reupholstering, here's my $1 chair. WOW! $1 for the chair, about $0.50 worth of thrift store fabric and maybe another $1 for supplies... I'm so happy with this refresh. Yay!

These two were made for each other... The chair, the fabric... I'm in love!

I'm hoping I can find more chairs to update with the rest of this fabric. This one I'm keeping but maybe I'll update more chairs to give to friends, etc. Why not!

What a difference a few bucks makes and a few hours of time... From super drab to super FAB in no time. Definitely one of my FAV chairs!

Now I've decided to either refresh this chair or sell it... I think I'll keep my free chair update (will be posting an update on this one soon!) which means I need to get rid of a chair. How many chairs does a girl need?!

I do love this fabric...

And the details in the wood.

Here's hoping I can find a happy home for this chair...

So there ya go! I'm officially in love with my recent chair update and hoping to finish off the other three chairs soon... And maybe I'll be finding more discarded chairs to relove. So happy to be back in the upcycling, refinishing, reloving game!

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