Friendship Postcard Making Event 2 of 2

Last weekend was part two of two of the Friendship Postcard Making Events at the North Vancouver City Library with my crafty BFF Sanam. There were about 20+ participants and we crafted like crazy. Sanam supplied paper, stickers, blank cards, stamps, funky tapes and more.

This was my first DIY card for the aft... "I ♥ you more than ICE CREAM'.

Yup - no craft event is complete without the craft renegade.

Here's Sanam crafting up a storm.

We had a woman show up who had never made DIY cards and yup she kicked some craft butt. She made 6 awesome DIY cards and seriously LOVED it.

Card number two... 'Donut worry be happy'. I added eyes and teeth under pressure by one unbelievably keen crafter.

This donut sticker has some serious personality happening!

I gave Sanam some crafty goodness. She's finding a happy home for my stenciled cork panels. Yay!

The room was filled with hardcore crafty mojo.

Happy homes for my DIY cards.

More industrious crafting.

This is the princess of the friendship postcard making event.

The queen and princess of the friendship postcard making event.

Plus super hyper craft girl.

An action shot.

And it was a fun, awesome and uber fabulous afternoon. ♥

Big thanks to Sanam for including me in her event, for North Vancouver City Library for supplying the grant and space... And thanks to all of the participants for bringing their awesomeness!

Here's hoping for more events with Sanam, making DIY cards and crafting with my peeps.

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