FAB free secondhand stuff on Facebook

Oh free treasures can be da best! You can scour Craigslist, Kijiji or your local streets and alleys for kewl free finds but my latest FAV hot spot is Facebook. So many groups for buying, selling, trading or donating these days. It's awesome!

I grabbed this free chair from a Facebook group last weekend - turns out the pick up location was 2 blocks away from my place. Easy peasy! Thankfully the chair has good bones. I just need to glue one of the arms since the wood dowel is broken. Otherwise I'll just need to wipe the surface - no sanding, oiling, etc.

The big job will be the upholstery... We'll see if I'm up to reupholstering this baby!

I still have a bunch of grey ultra suede I could use plus tons of various upholstery tacks. It's kind of ridiculous how much hardware I have stockpiled in my craft area. Who knew! Tacks, drawer pulls, nails, screws, random old hardware... Eh gad!

I love the wood grain! Maybe this one needs some funky fabric for the upholstery... Either a big punch of colour or I go with the grey ultra suede... We'll see!

So here's to free finds... And Facebook groups. Ya just never know where you're going to find that next treasure.

Now to get to work! I still need to finish off my director chair updates.

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