Stenciling is da bomb

Stenciling is not only da bomb but is highly addictive! Seriously... Once you start you then finding yourself searching out items to stencil! It helps that it's an easy DIY and a simple way to jazz up a dated item.

Last weekend was inspired by some free items from my job at Capilano U. At the end of term, students leave 'treasures' in the hallways and lucky me I scored a couple of wood panels and another item I suspect is for propping small canvases. First weekend project was gluing some cork panels I've been meaning to refresh for awhile to the wood panels. The free panels are the ones with paintings on them.

Free wood panel number one... The sides of this panel had been painted black so I painted the sides of both panels black. I wanted these to be a pair.

First step was painting the sides black...

Then covering them in Mod Podge.

I then added the cork tiles. I had to trim the cork tiles for the smaller wood panels.

I even tried to use up the scrap pieces so nothing was wasted. Once I added the cork, I then allowed the glue to dry. I placed books on top to ensure the cork dried flat.

This was my other free item... I thought I could do a mini update to make it more funsie while keeping the wood au natural.

I used one of my Martha Stewart stencils from Michaels plus a gel pen... First step was filling in the stencil design.

I added a coat of Mod Podge to seal the design. I even tried adding a coat of wood varnish to give the design a resin finish but that didn't work so I stuck with 2-3 coats of Mod Podge and was done.

While the wood piece was drying, I added a design to my two smaller panels. I thought these could be a funky pair for someone. I used one of my other Martha Stewart stencils from Michaels. I taped down the stencil then got out my white craft paint and a sponge brush then got crafty!

You don't need a lot of paint on the sponge brush for this - too much and the paint will seep under the stencil. Not good! So slowly build up the paint and ensure the stencil doesn't move around.

Here's the larger wood panel with a swanky design...

I love these cork panels... Very rustic and perfect for gluing to wood panels. These were given to me ages ago and it's nice to finally use them up.

The wood panel has a 1 inch depth which is great for hanging on your wall.

Here are both panels... I used scraps for the smaller one. Hopefully it's not too noticeable.

Such an easy DIY for office decor... Next I'll be stenciling words on the other cork tile panels. These are perfect for collecting business cards, personalized inspiration boards, etc.

Meanwhile my mystery item is done with a lovely stencil - the perfect home for my crafty book. Totally unplanned but the design and colour really suits the look of 'Raw Crafts'. Score!

Sometimes you just need a bit of time, a few materials and the crafty mojo to make awesomeness out of random items. Love it!

Yup - stenciling really is da bomb! Stay tuned for more stenciling adventures crafty peeps.

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