Kewl peeps doing kewl things: Jenn Ashton

Welcome to a new feature I'm adding to my blog, Kewl peeps doing kewl things. In my crafting and upcycling travels, I've met some pretty darn awesome makers. Whether it's making nifty stuff out of 'junk' or being part of making community happen, these are a few of the peeps that have inspired me. And I hope they'll inspire you!

My next FAV person to feature in my Kewl peeps doing kewl things series is Jenn Ashton. She's one super duper creative dynamo.

I've known Jenn for a few years. We've connected via social media, common interests, shared friends, etc but never actually met in person. Such is the modern world! Thankfully this weekend I finally got to meet Jenn and spend time with her.

Photo credit: Papergirl YVR from Artist Interview: Jenn Ashton

Jenn creates magic in this cozy studio... She seems to always be making, painting and creating. Plus sharing online and then selling and exhibiting her work all over. So much happens in this space and by this one individual - it makes me feel lame in so many ways to see how much she's accomplished. And will accomplish!

Art is everywhere in her place like this series of collaborative pieces...

Mini paintings, little sketches, ideas in the works... How can you not be inspired when you see the whimsical, fun and bright artwork in her place.

I also got to meet her trusty and uber cute dogs - Django...

And Obi...

And lucky me... Not only did I get to hang out with Jenn, her dogs, be inspired by her art but I also got to leave with my very own awesome Jenn Ashton original. Yay!

Find Jenn at www.jenniferashton.ca. Visit her news listing and her events calendar to see where you can find her art. Or just like her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see the awesomeness that is Jenn.


  1. Omg what a surprise how awesome are you!? Thank you so much!! And also rightbackatcha sister - you are inspiring to me!! xox

  2. The real question is... How awesome are YOU?! I think pretty darn super duper awesome!! xo